PDP Afterglow Red Headband Headsets for Microsoft Xbox 360 Reviews
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PDP Afterglow Red Headband Headsets for Microsoft Xbox 360

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Afterglow neon colored lights! How cool?

Apr 9, 2012 (Updated Feb 14, 2013)
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Pros:--Great sound quality, vibrant neon light, satisfying comfort

Cons:--Have to speak vulgarly  for other players to hear

The Bottom Line: Product has excellent sound quality and comfort. Distinctive neon lights in different colored selections. Main problem is speaking loudly for players to hear.

~Personal Experience~
When I first saw this headset I knew I had to have it for my Xbox 360. For only $19.99 I thought it was a great deal. A headset that glows how cool is that? They have different colors such as blue,green,red,purple and pink. The neon light is vibrant and bright. The headset can be adjusted to your size. It's flexible and comfortable. I own the purple colored afterglow headset. I enjoy that fact that I can feel more girly while playing video games. 

When I first bought this headset I didn't know what actually glowed. When I saw the cover of the package I thought the whole head set would glow, but I was wrong. When I plugged my headset in I saw that the headphone part was the only part that glowed. I thought since that the whole headband piece was clear taht was the part that would glow. I was wrong, and alittle disappointed.

When I started playing games with my headset I noticed that the light would flash when the controller would vibrate. Games like COD, or any game that involves you shooting make the headset worth buying. When you pressed the right bumber to shoot the light flashes to the shooting vibration pattern.  

Sound Quality: 
The sound quality is good. I can hear other players perfectly clear and I can adjust the loudness. Also with one push of a button I can mute the mic as well. One problem I have been seem to be having is yelling for people to hear me. Since the mic is short and sits right on your ear with the speaker I can understand. I normally don't talk so this isn't a huge issue for me.

Microphone Quality:
You have to speak loudly for other players to hear which could become important at times when playing online co-op. Communication is key in some games. Although I'm not much of a talker, but when I do need to converse with people practically yelling can become a bother. If you have family, yelling at the T.V does become alarming.

The comfort of this headset is wonderful. I can wear it for hours and not be in pain as if the headset was to tight. It's light weight and majestic to look at.
--Flexible plastic 
--Foam padded ear piece
--Light weight
--Can be worn on the right or left ear

-  Light flashes on headset when controller vibrates
-  Bright neon colored lights purple,red,blue and green.
-  Adjusted sizes
-  Change volume settings
-  Able to mute microphone

Afterglow headset plugs directly to the xbox controller. This can be an advantage to due the fact you don't have to charge the headset.

Have to speak loudly for other players to hear
Not Wireless

Great sound quality, cool look and amazing comfort

I recommend this product if you want something unique for your gaming experience and something that lights up.
There are really Simple features and settings.

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