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Sep 10, 2012 (Updated Sep 11, 2012)
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Pros:Keeps cats/small dogs safe and secure. Good ventilation, easy latch/release, storage compartments, easy cleanup.

Cons:Rather large for a small car, but gave the puppy plenty of room.

The Bottom Line: Recommended for cats, kittens, small dogs and puppies. Well ventilated, easy to clean, easy open/close.

Jasmine rides well in the car without having to be restrained, however the puppies have little to no experience in riding in the car. To keep everyone safe and secure during our trip to the veterinarian this week, I needed to put the two puppies into pet carriers for the trip.

Freckles was placed in the Petmate Medium Pet Taxi for the trip since she is the larger of the two pups. Shadow used a smaller carrier because we needed to save room on the seat for Jasmine, and anything larger would not have fit into the car.

Neither of the puppies had been in a carrier before and were very apprehensive about it. My neighbor and I were eventually able to get them into the carriers and settled into the car, however it was not an easy task. Once in the carriers though, both were given lots of reassurance, and eventually settled down for the long trip.

The Medium Size Petmate Pet Taxi measures 23 inches, by 15.2 inches, by 11.84 inches. It is quite large for a smaller car, and took up about half the seat when placed lengthwise in the car. Placing the smaller carrier beside it left barely any room for Jasmine. It took a bit of persuasion, but with the front seat in it's most forward position, I was eventually able to maneuver the carrier around to fit it the other direction to free up a few more inches for her on the seat of the Corsica.

According to the manufacturer's specifications, this carrier is recommended for smaller dogs such as pekingese, shih tzus, toy poodles as well as cats. Pretty much any dog or puppy up to about 10 inches tall should easily fit in this carrier. Freckles had plenty of room to move around in this travel kennel.

Aside from her struggling to avoid being caged, it was not too difficult to get her into the Pet Taxi. One end of the kennel has a nice sized wire door, which opens wide for easy entrance and exit. If we were using this taxi for a dog who was accustomed to being transported this way, there would have been no problem for a dog her size, or maybe even a bit larger. Her 25 pound size was a nice fit with room to spare.

This portable dog kennel is grey in color. It is made of a sturdy plastic, and is vented on all four sides so it provides good air circulation for your pet. The bottom of the cage is smooth and easy to wipe clean or hose out if necessary. Adding a towel or small blanket to the base of the cage can provide added comfort to your pets, and is easy to remove and wash after use.

I like the quick-latch system of this cage. All it takes is an easy squeeze to release the latch and open the door easily. This makes it simple to open and secure the door and provides a secure closure, keeping your pet easily contained.

On the top of the cage are two small storage compartments. You can use these to transport a bit of food, training pads or other supplies along with your pet. Between the two storage compartments is a plastic carry handle. The handle was fairly comfortable in my hand, and appears to be sturdy enough. I only used the handle when carrying the empty crate though, since my medical restrictions do not allow me to carry the cage alone. We loaded and unloaded the dog crate by each grabbing an end to place it in and out of the car. 

The Pet Taxi is a good size for travel, provided you have room in your car for it. According to the manufacturer it is also airline approved, although I read a post on another site where a user said that the airline gave them a problem when they tried to place their pet in the luggage area with this carrier. I cannot speak to this from personal experience though since I have never flown with my pets.

This was a borrowed Pet Taxi, so I cannot speak from experience as far as assembly. All I can tell you is that it appears to be a two piece construction, with the top and bottom sections securely attached. My friend said that she had no trouble assembling this product. 

She has been using this Pet Taxi for quite some time. She uses it for transporting her smaller dogs, and also has used it as a training crate.  I recommend this crate for both purposes. It held up well, and was easy enough to use. The door is easy to open and to latch once the puppy was inside. The latch held securely, keeping the puppy safe and secure during our trip.

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