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Jan 9, 2013 (Updated Feb 27, 2013)
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Good Quality Images and Sound


The Bottom Line: A great web cam for those who like to monitor their homes.

I like to monitor my home when I am at work in front of a computer.  I monitor a variety of things, my dog, my kids, the nanny,  the front door to see who visits, it varies depending on what is going on in my life.   I often check on things when I am on vacation and it gives me great peace of mind.  I have two of these cameras that work very well with my IPhone, IPAD and my PC computer.

These cameras are very small and stylish, about the size of a lighter. The acutal dimensions are 1.8 x 1.8 x 3.7 inches  and each camera weighs 2.9 ounces.   They are wireless, but you do have to have them plugged into an electrical socket so that limits them a bit, but the cord is long.  

Set up took 5 minutes an a novice could figure it out.  As the cameras are wireless, you do have to have a WiFi Network.  I downloaded the free Ap, took a picture of the CV code on the camera and that was it.  There is an LED light on the front of the cameras, when it blinks green, you are connected to the Internet.  One caveat, if your wireless router is slow, your pictures are slow to materialize and may be jerky.  Picture quality is dependent on speed and access to Internet.  

The pictures are very sharp, colors are clear and they even have a built in microphone which picks up tiny sounds.  The camera can be configued to send an email alert when motion or sound is detected.   I can adjust the settings for small sounds or movements.  

I have one camera in my living room and the other is mounted on the windowsill of my kitchen.  I sometimes move them into other rooms.  These are indoor cameras only, they are not suitable for outdoor. Viewing time is limited to 5 minutes only.  You can upgrade to a paid service that allows unlimited monitoring.  For me, I log on, check things out and then log off, it's never more than 5 minutes.

The cameras are white, made of hard plastic and have a neat swivel feature with a magnetic base that allows to me aim in a variety of directions.  Be sure to coinfigure them with passwords as that controls who can view your streams. 

Overall, a great camera that works very well my IPhones, IPads and PC computers.  I have had over a year with no techncal issues.  This camera system is not intended to replace my ADT service but it is a fun way to monitor your house or surroundings.    I consider this my second line of home securty.  I may purchase a few more to stash around the house!

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