Philips SHS4841 Ear-Hook Headphones - Black Reviews
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Philips SHS4841 Ear-Hook Headphones - Black

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Best headphones ever

Mar 9, 2012
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Pros:Comfortable fit, soft, doesn't fall out and my music sounds great.

Cons:The cord is a bit short. 

The Bottom Line: Anyone who has issues with earbuds should get these headphones. 

I have always loved anything made by Phillips. Recently, my old pair of Phillips headphones blew out and I needed new ones. That last pair probably lasted a good 2 years. So I decided I wanted another pair of Phillips headphones. I listen to my ipod a lot. On my way to college, between classes, while I do homework, on my way home from college, when I'm bored and there's nothing on TV, etc, etc. 
So I went to Target to look for a nice pair of Phillips headphones. This is what I found.

I found the Phillips SHS4841 Headphones.  

Lookin' good

These magnificent headphones are black and grey and have a smooth rubbery feel to them. The cord is black so it doesn't stand out among darker clothes. Who knows, some people can be picky about color. 

Comfortable fit (Finally)

I am one of those people who can not wear ear buds, no matter how hard they try. They just do not stay in. They wrap around the ear comfortably, not pinching or pulling hair. They also have little rubber pads on the speaker so your ear isn't bothered by plastic or metal, since I'm not sure what kind of material is under the rubber pads.  It fits snugly around the ear and it will not fall out, even while riding your bike or any other physical activity. I forget they're even there sometimes! They got 4/5 stars on the box for comfort. I personally would give them a 5. 


There is a rubber adjuster on the inside of the things that goes around the ear. These headphones will fit large ears like mine, and smaller ears like the people who don't have an issue with earbuds. It's very comfortable. 

The cord is a little short

I don't really have the need for a long cord, but  sometimes it's nice. I usually have an armband case for my ipod, so the cord would be a nuissance if it was very much longer. The cord is about 4 feet long, according to the box. It doesn't seem like 4 feet though. Maybe 4.5 would be better. 

The cord distance between the headphones is equal 

What I mean by this is the distance from the seperator and each headphone is equal, so you dont have the cord awkwardly hanging from one side. I like that.

Bass is nice 

According to the box, it has 3/5 stars for bass. I believe it. I don't mess with bass or other specs like that with my music, so I don't really pay attention to it. Plus I don't really like bass all that much. But all I need to know is that the music I'm hearing sounds the way it's supposed to. 

Treble is nice too 

Again, I don't mess with the specs of my music. It got 3.5/5 stars for treble. I'm not a music major or have ever really studied music, so I don't even really know what this means. But my music sounds great :)

The connector is nice 

The connector sticks out and doesn't bend like some older styled headphones do. I like this because it would feel kinda awkward to hold a thin ipod with a bulky headphone jack. The box says it has a 3.5 mm chrome plated plug. 

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