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Jul 26, 2012 (Updated Jul 26, 2012)
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Pros:Pretty pink, moist tender cake.


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Shelf life of cake mix is pretty long; when I find General Mills™ mixes on sale I try to buy several mixes at the time.

General Mills™ Brand Pillsbury™ Moist Supreme™ Strawberry Cake Mix is offered as 18.25 ounce mix for creating cupcakes, 2 layer cake or a sheet cake.

The Pillsbury box is easily recognizable on the shelf; box is Pillsbury blue, the Pillsbury logo is seen in upper left corner of the front of the box.  Logo is an oval, blue, outlined in white with the letters Pillsbury in white set against the blue of the box itself, and is resting upon a crimson banner proclaiming Moist Supreme in white letters.  A slice of lovely pink cake with pink icing rests in the lower left corner while Poppin’ Fresh™ wields a fork with a bite of cake upon it.

These Moist Supreme Cakes are nice and moist, pretty and delicious.    For a change from old stand bys including yellow or chocolate cake I do like to use one of the specialty flavor mixes now and then.  Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® Strawberry Cake Mixanother of the specialty mixes I also use.While many cooks prefer one brand or another; I find little difference, availability, ease of use, shelf life, texture of baked cake or flavor, between Betty Crocker or Pillsbury, both are General Mills Brands, both are easy use and both are delicious.

I find shelf life of cake mix to be pretty long; cake baked from a mix I have had on the shelf for several weeks or months tastes as delicious and remains moist and tasty as are the ones made from more recent purchases.   When I find either Pillsbury or Betty Crocker mixes on sale I try to buy several mixes at the time.  While I do not store unopened cake mix in my freezer; I do have friends who swear that the cake mix suffers no harm should freezing to be used at a later date is undertaken.

I do find both layer and cakes baked in a 9 x 13 inch pan can be baked and stored frosted, or unfrosted in freezer.  As a rule when I bake a cake I usually bake 3, in 9 x 13 inch pans.  When the cakes are baked I leave then in the pans, frost, cover with the lids accompanying the pans and place one on the kitchen counter for munching and place 2 in the freezer to be used at a later date.

Note, I continue to use the 3 Tupperware®9 X 13 bake pans which I bought while living inCalifornianearly 3 decades ago now.  The pans have their own same material lids for baking in the oven, and have poly lids for storing the cooked food whether cake, main dish or whatever.  I use poly lids when storing the cakes in the freezer and use one of the same material, lift off lids when storing on the counter for munching. 

I find Moist Supreme Strawberry Cake mix produces an appetizing and delicate – girl cake- so called by Husband.  The cake bakes up as a lovely, rosy pink just the thing for a little girl, or the not so little girl’s birthday or for anyone who happens to enjoy the flavor of strawberry.  And, I find girl cake or no, Husband who does not often enjoy anything strawberry has yet to turn down pink cake in the 9 x 13 inch pan.
While I no longer bake nearly so much as I once did when sons were living at home and they and their friends could often be seen in the kitchen, cake in hand, and empty 9 x 13 pan on the counter; I do continue to do some baking.  I especially like unexpected company, and I like having something tasty at the ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

While I like to bake cake; I am not a real big muncher of cake.  No problem, Husband is a very good muncher of cake, and I find whatever the cake of the moment, little of it ever goes begging.
NOTE:  Vegetable Oil is often used when preparing cake mix.  However, I generally use fruit puree in place of the oil, I often use applesauce.  When making Strawberry Cake  I like to use strawberry puree.  I puree frozen strawberries and use in place of the oil for a more strawberry flavored cake and to reduce the oil we would otherwise be eating.While the pink on pink appearance of the cake on the outside of the cake mix box is attractive; I prefer a cream cheese frosting when making icing my Strawberry Cake.  Made from scratch cream cheese icing is delicious, however, for those days when time is running short I find other General Mills  Read to use tub Frosting Cream Cheese to be a good alternative choice.
Now that I have returned to working full time, I teach, I find keeping a cake mix or two in the pantry for those times when I know company may be coming reduces the stress of what to serve for dessert, or for munchable. With sons no longer living at home and the cake munchers here reduced to only Husband and I, I do not bake as I once did.  I always found a tad amazing how 2 teenaged males swiftly become 6 or 8 when a cake is coming out of the oven.

Happy to recommend General Mills™ Brand Pillsbury™ Moist Supreme™ Strawberry Cake Mix



Major Ingredients   Sugar, Enriched Wheat Flour Bleached, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean and/or Cottonseed Oil, Modified Wheat Starch, Artificial Strawberry Flavor Bits – sugar, corn syrup, corn meal, corn starch, wheat starch, cottonseed or soybean oil, artificial flavors, Red 40-,  Baking Powder,Allergen warning, wheat, soy, corn, artificial color and flavor, and possible milk ingredients.

Certified Kosher

Nutrition Information per serving 1/12 package, 12 servings per container
Calories 170
Total Fat 3.5
Sodium 280
Potassium 35
Total Carbohydrate 34g
Sugars 19g
Protein 1g

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NOTE: The following is information regarding General Mills Brand   PILLSBURY Incorporated.

If you, as I, have an interest in company information, in particular information regarding where items are manufactured, I prefer Made in the USA, and by whom, where they are offered for sale, safety standards regarding materials used, especially regarding lead and other heavy metals, especially as pertains to classroom usage as well as suitability for home, classroom and general usage, or other pertinent health and safety based information;

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Internet search including the General Mills site indicates: The history of General Mills commences in 1856 with Cadwallader C. Washburn, who structured the Minneapolis Milling Company to lease power rights to mill operators.

Forming the Washburn Crosby; Company John Crosby joined Cadwallader Washburn as a partner in the milling industry in 1877. It was the second step in the evolution of the business to eventually become General Mills.

In the meantime, Charles Pillsbury started his company in 1869. Situated just across the Mississippi River from Washburn’s facility; New Hampshire resident Pillsbury, had no experience in flour milling, nevertheless he made a return the first year from the derelict Minneapolis Flour Mill he and his relatives acquired.

Pillsbury began to the road to success as did the Washburn Crosby Company.

James Stroud Bell, a forceful merchandiser, assumed leadership of the Washburn Crosby mills in 1888. Bell was influential in developing the national flour market and led the company to extraordinary development over the next three decades. His son, James Ford Bell, carried on the practice; rising to president of industry leader Washburn Crosby Company, Bell led Washburn Crosby merger with numerous regional millers in June 1928
to generate General Mills, Inc.

The consolidation melded several giants of the milling industry, including Kansas’ Red Star Milling Company; the Sperry Milling Company from the West Coast; Michigan’s Larrowe Milling Company; the Kell Group from the Southwest; and Montana’s Kalispell Flour Mill, Rocky Mountain Elevator Company, and Royal Milling Company.

Today General Mills, with reputation boosted by the acquisition of one-time, hometown rival Pillsbury continues as one of the world’s foremost consumer foods companies. The amalgamation of the companies created one of the largest food companies in North America.

NOTE: I am particularly pleased that General Mills products are -Made in the U.S.A.- I prefer to buy items that are made by US citizens on US soil. I like to know that companies are willing to provide jobs for United States citizens.

As a teacher I appreciate the General Mills Box Tops for Education program which is now into its 12th year of helping schools earn the extra cash they need. Especially for small schools such as the one where I teach the program provides extra library books and other niceties the kids might otherwise not find at our school.

From cereals to paper products, Each coupon is worth 10¢ to schools.

1996 General Mills proudly launches Box Tops for Education in California on Big G cereals like Cheerios®, Total®, Lucky Charms® and other family favorites.

2008 Thanks to dedicated school coordinators like you, Box Tops celebrates reaching the $250 million mark, continuing its tradition of making a difference for schools, teachers and kids, year after year. Nestle® Juicy Juice® joins the family of Box Tops products.

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