Pilot - 26015 - Precise V5 Roller Ball Stick Pen, Needle Pt, Asst Inks, 0.5mm Extra Fine, Dozen - ... (PIL26015) Reviews
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Pilot - 26015 - Precise V5 Roller Ball Stick Pen, Needle Pt, Asst Inks, 0.5mm Extra Fine, Dozen - ... (PIL26015)

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Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine Set: A Sharp Write From A Sharp Looking Pen

Mar 14, 2008
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Pros:Seven amazing colors, strong plastic case, long ink life.

Cons:Can be hard to find.

The Bottom Line: The V5 extra fine is a great writing pen and the seven color set will make any pen junkie smile.

When the Pilot Pen Corporation released the original V Ball they probably didn't think that it would turn into something that pen junkies would drool over and demand more of. The V5 and V7 versions are just as impressive as the original but they each have their own perks. What would a great writing pen be if it wasn't available in awesome colors or lacked a nice appearance. Let's face it, no one wants to write with a crappy pen. The V5 extra fine isn't for everyone though; even though it writes perfectly each and every time you pick it up, it might be too fine a line for you. If that's the case, stick with the V7 because that series is the 'fine line' version that has a little bit wider of a tip to it.

Precise V5 Rolling Ball Pen Extra Fine Point Set
red, black, blue, green, teal, purple, pink

Before we even get to the pens, a few things need to be cleared up about this product. This is not a Palm Pilot product as it is listed in the database; Palm Pilot and Pilot Pen are two completely different entities. How this was listed as a Palm Pilot product baffles me because even someone that is utterly clueless about office supplies would raise an eyebrow about the listing. Second, there are three different color assortments to choose from [basic with 2 black, 2 blue, 2 red and 1 green and another with the pink, purple and teal combination] so be sure you know exactly which one you want before you start looking for the seven pen set. To make it even more amusing there are three color assortment packs that vary in color choices so it's lucky dip if you are ordering them online. So now that I have you a little off guard, on to the review of the Pilot Precise V5!

This set has the basic colors in the V5 family plus a few extras to keep things interesting. The black, blue, green and red can be purchased individually, in two packs or by the dozen but it’s the pink, teal and purple ones that really make this set worth hunting for at your local office supply store. The tones are vibrant and look great on regular white copy paper or on something a little more eloquent. Ink quality is important but when you are picking out a pen like this you want the whole package; ink, comfort, durability and price. I received this set as a gift this past Christmas but had another color assortment previously and love them. The average selling price for the seven color set [any of the three] is about ten dollars. Considering the sell for about $1.59 to $1.99 individually you are saving a little bit of cash getting the seven pen set.

Even though the Precise V5 lacks a comfort grip writing area on the pen it still delivers a smooth feel when you are using it. Unlike the V7 this doesn’t have the protracting tip to it so it is the perfect pick for people who write heavy and tend to break or bend those types of nibs. You can use these on any type of paper and they are also nice for carbon copies but because of the tight tip you could get some rippage [not a real word] if you press too hard. The ink is waterproof but that doesn’t mean that it won’t smear if you don’t give it enough drying time. The only time I have had this ink smear is on glossy and photographic paper and that was my own dumb fault because I should have known better. To top it all off you can see how much in is left inside the pen thanks to the ink window along the side. To get the most accurate read from it make sure you have the pen tip tilted face down and allow the ink to settle. This isn't going to give you a 100% accurate read but you will be able to see a ballpark amount of what you have left to work with.

Writing with these is a pure pleasure. You rarely get any type of skipping and when you do it is usually because of divots in the paper or something under the paper. Because this is considered an extra fine tip it might be a little too tight for some people, if you like a regular classic stick pen that yields a fat line, this isn’t going to be something that appeals to you. These are not refillable so don’t believe sites that claim that they are; there are V5 and V7 pens that are refillable [and some that are retractable] but this variety is not. I can get at least six weeks of writing from one of these but that is the basic colors like black and blue; the pink, purple and teal ones will last a lot longer because they get used less frequently. If you are into the V5 or V7 pens and want to get all the colors, the seven piece set is the way to go.

The Bottom Line

If you are a pen junkie and haven't tried the V5 extra fine you really don't know what you are missing but I would caution against getting this set to start with. Pick up one of the individual pens in any color and give it a try to see if the extra fine point is going to work out for you. If you like it then the seven color set would be a great investment. The pens come in a plastic keep case that should last you a few months if you like keeping your pens stored that way; mine usually end up scattered around my office or buried under papers on my desk but it is nice to know that the case isn't made of flimsy plastic that is going to rip the first time you open it.

As always, thanks for the visit…

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2008 Freak369

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