XFX AMD Radeon HD 6770 (HD-677X-ZNFC) 1 GB / 1 GB (max) GDDR5 SDRAM PCI Express 2.1 Graphics adapter Reviews

XFX AMD Radeon HD 6770 (HD-677X-ZNFC) 1 GB / 1 GB (max) GDDR5 SDRAM PCI Express 2.1 Graphics adapter

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Radeon HD 6770 - Decent gaming card

Nov 28, 2012 (Updated Nov 30, 2012)
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Pros:Good enough for most games today.

Cons:Not a high-end card, but decent enough for gaming.

The Bottom Line: Decent gaming card for today's games that won't break the bank.

My laptop decided it didn't  want to play games anymore, constantly overheating and shutting down, a few weeks after getting Guild Wars 2.  My husband got a cheap server computer from work that would run games as long as we put in a new video card.  After looking around and pricing cards, my husband decided on the Radeon HD 6770.  He mainly chose it on it's price point as compared to the Nvidia cards that were there on the shelf at the time.


Before installing the card, make sure your power supply is ample enough to run the card and your system.  You'll need a 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connector to handle the card and AMD recommends you have at least a 450 watt power supply in your computer.

Installing the card was fairly easy.  Once we had the card installed, I went to AMD's web site and downloaded the Catalyst Control Center and got all the updated drivers.  It was more of a pain installing the control center and updating the drivers than it was installing the card.

Technical Info

I'm not going to list all the specifications of the card, only the ones I think are important, because that would make the review way too long and most people don't want to see a giant list of stuff anyways.

1 GB DDR5 video memory
GPU clock speed is 850 MHz
Supports DirectX 11
HDMI port
DVI port (2)
3D Stereoscopic Support (for 3D gaming and movies)
Max Resolution 1920x1200 (2560x1600 with using the dual link DVI)
Card Dimensions - 7.88 x 4.4 x 1.5 inches (from web, did not measure card myself)


You'll have to go to AMD's web site to download the Catalyst Control Center.  Once that's installed you can use this to change the settings of your card and can even save specific game profiles.  If you don't feel comfortable messing with the settings you don't have to, the default settings work fine for most games.  You also use the control center to update your drivers, which you will have to do after setting up your card.


This is what is most important to people, how well the card works.  For being what is considered a budget graphics card, it does perform fairly well.  Colors are vivid and crisp and gameplay seems to be nice and smooth with most games.

I have played a bunch of games with this since it was installed, games like Civilization V, Sims 3, Guild Wars, Open TTD, Forsaken World and Guild Wars 2.  All the games have fairly smooth gameplay, graphics looks nice and runs around 40 to 50 fps, except on Guild Wars 2.  I was able to run all games except Guild Wars 2 on high settings, Guild Wars 2 I had to run on medium.

Guild Wars 2 was the big test for the card.  While it doesn't run the game perfectly smooth and I only get around 30 to 40 fps, it's not all on the graphics card for those problems.  Many people, even ones with high-end gaming systems have trouble with Guild Wars 2, it seems to be an optimization problem that Anet didn't figure on and there are whispers about possible CPU bottlenecking being the culprit.  Just look at their forums and you'll see tons of people who have problems with the game.  I had smoother gameplay on my laptop than some people had with their high end systems.  While I only get 30 to 40 fps, it's still playable as long as I'm not in an area with tons of people, so I can still enjoy the game, just not to it's fullest potential.  

The fan on the card really isn't that loud, I mean you can hear it running, but it's not loud enough to interfere with anything.


If you're looking for a decent graphics card for your computer and don't want to spend a fortune, you can't go wrong with the Radeon HD 6770.  It can run most games on medium to high settings with no problems, giving you great graphics and a smooth gameplay.

*Edited to add card dimensions*

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