Pioneer DEH-4300UB CD Player In Dash Receiver Reviews

Pioneer DEH-4300UB CD Player In Dash Receiver

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Good Quality In Dash CD/AM/FM Player with nice iPod Support and AUX input

Jun 7, 2012
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Pros:Quality Sound Reproduction 
Vast Array of inputs 
Affordable price
Detachable face plate

Cons:iPod Controls are a bit clunky
some iPod functions aren't available such as Genius 

The Bottom Line: Overall, I recommend this receiver to anyone looking for a CD/AM/FM player plus iPod Integration and a AUX input. You will not be disappointed.


I bought this receiver in the summer of 2011 for my 2003 Toyota Tundra. 
I've had it one year and so far, it has been a great unit.

Installation -

Installation was fairly easy. This was my first self-installation and I only had 2 minor problems.  The first was trying to fit the player in my dash. The box included two mounting brackets. It seemed like it should be easy but it just took me so long to figure out how to position the brackets. The instruction manual didn't help either and was rather vague. Nonetheless, I finally figured it out and it fits well in my dash. The other minor problem is with the wires. I'm not an expert on car stereo installations, so figuring out the color coded speaker wiring and ground wiring, etc. was a little confusing to me. But, I finally figured it and was ready to roll after about 1 hour of total installation. Installation 4 out of 5. 

Sound Quality and Reproduction -

Let's talk about sound first and foremost. As far as the sound reproduction of the receiver, it's really good.  4 x 50W MOSFET amplifier is featured and you can really tell, you definitely get the most bang for your buck.  This receiver features Pioneer's Advanced Sound Retriever technology, and you can listen to the music the way the artist intended. The sound is real dynamic and clear.  It also features many adjustments you can make to the treble, bass, fade, etc. I still have my 9 year old factory speakers and this unit makes them sound that much better. The CD's sound the best , it is really incredible to pop in 5-10 year old CD's and let this player do its thing! USB sound from an iPod or other device comes in a close 2nd. I had to turn the volume up to match the source, but it still sounds good. The radio comes in 3rd, but by no means is it bad, just not as good as CD and USB sound quality. I would give the AUX input the least , simply because you have to plug in a 3.5 mm jack to pass through the sound. This degrades the sound quality a little bit and you have to turn the volume up more than the other inputs.  Overall, the sound quality and reproduction is great for all inputs I listed, with CD being at the top and AUX (3.5 mm jack input) being at the bottom.  Overall, sound quality and reproduction 5 out of 5. 

Features - 

As I mentioned before, this receiver features CD player, USB input for iPod or iPhone, AM/FM Receiver, and AUX input.  Those are great features for the low price I paid for the unit ($115).  You would be surprised how many units these days don't feature a CD player. Featuring a detachable face with a 10-character LCD display, the DEH-4300UB is a versatile player that lets you enjoy music from a variety of sources, starting with CD. Play back your retail CDs, burnt CD-R/RW discs, or digital audio files from data discs. The unit also features color customization with over 210,000 color variations, which is cool if you want to mix up the colors on the unit or match the color of your interior.  Connect a USB thumb drive or other device for direct playback of MP3, WMA, or WAV audio files. It's a handy way to grab some tunes before you hit the road. A standard auxiliary (AUX) input is also provided, so you can connect pretty much any MP3 player or other device for your enjoyment. The AM/ FM radio features Pioneer's Supertuner IIID technology, complete with 24 presets. Connect your iPod or iPhone to the USB port, and enjoy music playback and basic controls (track up/down, fast forward, rewind, pause, repeat, and shuffle). You can also charge your iPod/iPhone by simply having it connected. The button placement, despite small on some faceplate buttons, is ok and the included remote is very useful. Overall, Features 5 out of 5

iPod/iPhone navigation

The iPod feature is a very cool addition to have. You simply plug in your iPod / iPhone , wait a few seconds, and the receiver is ready to play back your music or podcasts! You can browse by artist, song, genre, and more; all displayed on the receivers screen! You can also shuffle all your songs which I use a lot. The only gripe I have with the iPod feature is the slow navigation and lack of a genius feature. You can browse with the faceplate knob or remote control, but both ways still take a long time. I guess that is expected with this type of set-up, but it does take a long time to find a certain artist or song, especially if you have a large library. The other complaint I have is the lack of a genius feature. The iPod by itself has this feature, but having it in the car on this receiver would have been awesome. Just think, a one touch genius button could create a playlist on the fly. (By the way, genius selects songs that are closely related to the one you’re listening to). Not having this feature is not a deal breaker, but it definitely limits the full functionality of the iPod/iPhone.

Overall iPod/iPhone navigation 3 out of 5

Summary and Final Rating

This is a great receiver with a lot of features including CD, radio, iPod integration, and AUX input. For the low cost of this unit, the quality and makemenship is outstanding. Sound Quality is excellent and you will definitely notice a difference over a factory installed unit. The iPod integration, despite some shortcomings, is an awesome feature to have. The USB also supports other MP3 players which is always a plus. Overall, I recommend this receiver to anyone looking for a CD /AM / FM player plus iPod integration. You will not be disappointed.  

4.25 / 5 

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 115

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