Plantronics M100 Charcoal Gray In-Ear Only Headsets Reviews

Plantronics M100 Charcoal Gray In-Ear Only Headsets

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Jan 9, 2011 (Updated Feb 22, 2011)
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Pros:Sleek Design, Car Charger Charges any USB device, Pair two phones simultaneously, Great noise reduction

Cons:Wish it had a case but that's not really a big deal.

The Bottom Line: With voice clarity and thoughtful features like multipoint, you just can't go wrong here. 

    I am a Trucker and recently got an unlimited plan for my cell phone. Thats when I realized I needed a Bluetooth headset.

    First thing you will notice is the packaging. It's completely recyclable. I think in a world where green is the scene this is defiantly a plus when making a purchase. 

In the package you will find. The M100 Headset (the medium ear adapter is already attached to the unit along with the optional earclip) , 2 other ear adapters (small and large). A car USB power charger / adapter, A home charger, USB cable, and instructions on use (in English and Spanish) 

    The Headset uses the increasingly popular Mini USB connection. This was great for me as I have several devices that already make use of this connection. So I have the correct connection pretty much anywhere I am. As an added bonus Plantronics provides a CAR > USB adapter where the end of the adapter is a USB female socket. This means I can also use the charger to charge anything with a USB cord. Very functional.  

    Upon unpacking and reading the instructions, I charged my headset for 90 minutes. Upon plugging the power into the unit a small light illuminated on the underside in Red. When charging is complete the light turns blue. 

    Now a quick word. I have 2 cell phones. One for the USA and one for Canada. I did not realize at the time I purchased the unit that it has a feature called Multipoint which allows the headset to be simultaneously paired to two phones. A HUGE plus for me. I can also see this being a plus if you have a company phone and your personal phone, as now they can both be answered by hitting one button on the headset. The voice activation dialing will only operate whichever phone is connected first so I recommend turning the one you use most on first and then the second. 

    Following the instructions I was able to easily pair the headset with both of my phones. Pairing is done via a button on top of the unit. Press and hold the button until the light on the underside alternates from blue to red. 

    Once you have the headset in your ear you turn it on via a dedicated on/ off switch located on the side of the unit. When the unit is off you can plainly see orange underneath the switch so there is no guessing if the unit is on or off. If you see orange it's off. Unlike other headsets there is no light undulating on the outside of the unit where it is visible. A Female voice whispers "Power on." "x Hours of talk time remaining". "Phone 1 connected". "Phone two Connected". Volume is adjusted via a dedicated button on the opposite side from the power switch. The volume is adjusted incrementally. Each time you press the button the volume cycles from low to max and then back to low. When you reach the max the unit will beep differently and the female voice whispers "Max Volume" (She does not speak when you are in a call but you do hear the beeps) 

    Sound Quality on my end is great and my wife says she can not tell that I am in the truck and that it's better than the wired headset I had before. The unit has two microphones located on either side of the headset. The 9 dots on the underside are just for show. One of the microphones picks up ambient noise and the other picks up your voice. The DSP inside cancels out a lot of the ambient noise.
To use the voice dialing features of most phones you simply hold the button located on the outside of the unit. you hear two beeps and let go and your phones voice prompts are easy to hear and nice and loud. 

    My only gripe is that since I don't wear it all day I would have liked a case or something to put it in when not in use. For now I hang it up in front of me in a cubby hole located above my head. The unit did loose signal when I walked to the back of my truck (About 55 ft away from the phone) but quickly re-paired once I got within range of the phones again so no big deal.

UPDATE: FEB 22 2011: The unit comes with three different size ear pads. I found that the medium pad fit me so well I didn't need to remove it from my ear at all. I talk for hours to my family in FL and my wife in Can. and no one can tell I'm driving the truck. I am planning to buy another one for my sister's birthday present.

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