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Platinum Series - Case with Holster for Samsung Galaxy S III Mobile Phones - Black

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Seidio PT SGC22SB case/holster for Samsung Galaxy S3

Dec 26, 2012
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Pros:case not slippery
potential "protection" against damage if phone is dropped and hits on edge

Cons:unable to feel vibration when phone is in holster

The Bottom Line: Case and holster are well made, but for me, not being able to detect vibration is a real issue. Also, it is pretty pricey for what you get...

The Seidio Platinum (PT) SGC22SB case and holster combo is for use with the Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone.

The SGC22SB case features plastic material for a durable design. The included holster features a face-in design and top clip to help secure the phone.

What's Included:
•Platinum Series Case with Holster for Samsung Galaxy S III Mobile Phones
•Polycarbonate plastic material - Helps protect against scratches.
•Felt-lined holster With a face-in design and top clip - it offers easy access to your phone.
•Holster belt clip - Swivels in up to 7 directions for customized use.
•Snap-together design - Makes attaching and removing the case simple.

I purchased the SGC22SB at a local Best Buy store.

The case is in two halves, each slide over the phone and meet in the center and snap together. You do not bend the case halves to get them onto the phone, you actually slide them over the phone. The fit is snug and it took a little more effort than I expected to get the two halves to snap together. The texture of the case is smooth but not slick, so it feels comfortable and secure holding and using it. The slots for the buttons, charger, and camera are large enough that there are no issues using them.

NOTE: There is no screen "protector" included with this case; the case only covers the back and sides of the phone. According to a local cellular store rep who assisted when I purchased the phone, "protectors" or "guards" are NOT required or recommended for the Galaxy S3, because of the type of glass used. The rep took a metal money clip and rubbed across the surface of an S3 glass and did not scratch it.

The holster is well-made. It's really just a partial shell, not a "pouch". The clip is heavy duty (compared to some I've seen) that is a spring loaded rocker. You press on the top of the clip against the back of the holster and it opens the bottom where you can slide it over a belt or whatever.
The clip also can be rotated to several defined positions so the holster can be adjusted to horizontal (if desired) or several angles besides vertical.
The felt on the inside of the holster is adequate, providing a soft area for the front (unprotected) glass of the phone to be up against.
The phone (in the case) fits well and secure in the holster.

At the top of the holster is a spring loaded retainer clip that is used to secure the phone and remove it when needed.

When putting the phone into the holster you set the bottom of the phone into the holster and then press the top against the retainer clip, and the clips snaps the phone securely into place.

SGC22SB Case/holster in use:

Getting the phone out of the holster when it is on a belt is not all that easy, especially if trying to use one hand.

I am right-handed and carry the phone/holster hooked to my belt on my left side, so when I need to get the phone out, I use my left hand to raise up (open) the clip while holding the phone, so it doesn't just fall out.

That action is not easy (for me, anyway). I am sometimes not quick enough to get it out and a call goes to voice mail.

If I am able, I use my right hand to raise (open up) the retainer clip while holding the phone with my left hand. That works better, but is not always an option if my right hand is in use.

The real issue for me with the holster is that I cannot feel the vibration of the phone when receiving a text or phone call. I have the vibration setting on max for the phone and it doesn't help.

I contacted Seidio about this, and they confirmed my issue, claiming that the felt might be the cause, They did not have any good suggestions as to how to overcome it. Although they never stated WHY it is an issue, I guess the felt dampens the vibrations. The phone DOES stick out maybe 1/2" from my body when it is in the holster/clip, so that may also contribute to the issue.

At any rate, after the phone conversation with Seidio, I decided to take the case back to Best Buy for a refund.

That is when an UNEXPECTED issue came up. I couldn't get the case OFF the phone!

There is a half-moon area on the back of the bottom half of the case. You are supposed to be able to press down on that and then slide the top half away from the bottom half. It didn't happen!

I contacted Seidio on that issue as well, and they sent me a youtube video link showing how it is done, but it didn't help me. It STILL would not come off. I had Seidio on the phone on speakerphone while I was trying to separate the two halves and no matter what I tried they did not come apart. The rep from Seidio finally said I should take it back to Best Buy, and they would be able to assist.

When I did get to Best Buy and finally got to the right department, the "tech support" guy even had issues trying to get the halves apart. He had to resort to using a small flat-blade screwdriver to press down inbetween the two halves, and then was able to get the two halves apart.

So bottom line is that the case/holster work, but for me the loss of vibrate detection was a real issue. I could have lived with the holster phone clip being hard to use with one hand, but not with the other issue.

I would definitely recommend TRYING the holster before buying it. Of course, if you try it and get the case stuck on the phone, like mine, make sure someone is around in the store that can assist. I spent more than 40 minutes in lines trying to get to the right department/person just to get the case off so I could then stand in line to return it.

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