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Playmobil 5145 Royal dining room, N/A

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Playmobil Banquet Room: A Feast Fit For A King

Apr 25, 2013
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Pros:Four figures in two sizes, accessory pieces, awesome add on set.

Cons:Small pieces get lost easily, choking hazard for younger kids.

The Bottom Line: Great accessories, cool figures, tons of uses and priced to please even the cheapest of collectors.

The Magic Castle series from Playmobil has had a lot of additions to it since it was introduced. Some of them were amazing and some lacked an attached feel to the theme. Sets like the Royal Banquet Room provide a lot of pieces which means replay value but a lot of them are small so there is a real risk that they could get lost or sucked up into the vacuum. I got this for $20.00 which is about ten dollars less than the normal selling price; the box was a little banged up but all of the pieces were there. I only wanted the figures but knew that the accessory items could come in handy with the medieval Playmobil castle and converting them to be used with it was not tough.

One of the downsides to the set is that it has an extremely girly look to it. There is a lot of pink to it so this is something that I'd only recommend for girls who are in to the theme or like these kinds of sets. This can be used for a formal dining room type of setting but because of the amount of pink and purple in it, it is something that could also be used with the Princess Fantasy Castle and other royal themed sets. You don't have to have an existing structure to be able to make use of this set but it does help. My own personal gripe is the scale of some things in the set. If a spoon is as big as a mini figures arm and it was 'real world' chances are they would not be able to pick it up let alone feed themselves with it.

There are three large pieces of furniture to the set; the most stunning is the side cupboard but the trolley / cart can be extremely useful too although it looks extremely girly with the pink accents. The dining room table is a great piece but again, you are dealing with a lot of pink so this is something that girls are going to love and boys are going to roll their eyes at. There are a total of four chairs but getting the figures to actually stay in a seated position in the chairs is tough. They do tend to tip over so if you are going to have them seated all the time you might want to consider adding some poster putty to their rear side.

The floor mat is nice and isn't bogged down with a lot of pink but it does have a lot of purple to it; this can be used under the table or in other parts of a scene. To keep it secured and in place, try the poster putty trick with it. There are place settings for all of the figures so that means that there are a lot of small pieces that could possibly end up lost. This set has a small child warning that it is not for those under the age of three so please take that in to consideration when you are buying this. The plates are simply amazing looking because the detailing around the edges of them. Clear goblets are a nice touch but they can get overlooked when on the table.

You get a total of four figures with the Royal Banquet set; two adults [standard size, almost three inches] and two smaller children figures [two inches]. They are all done in a royal theme but you can convert them to work with medieval sets if you want. These figures do look great with other royal theme sets but the two adults are not aged so they don't have the same regal look as the kings and queens that have been featured in other sets. There are enough accessories for them to use and all of the utensils can be snapped in to their hands. The candelabra is one of the nicest looking pieces but it's done in an almost clear blue so you can't see some of the detail that it has. I would have done this in a solid color and added accents to it so it would look a little nicer.

This sells for $28.99 at the Playmobil website and it is a good deal because of the number of pieces that you are getting with it but for younger kids this could be a disaster. I am hoping that some of the items in the set will be available as a service pack at some point in the future so that people will be able to replace missing or lost items or to enlarge the scene if they are combining it with something else. I like that the set comes with an extra set of utensils and the food items are nicely done; it's rare that you get detailed things like this from Playmobil so hopefully this is going to be a new trend for them. There are a total of 74 pieces to the set but as mentioned several times, there are some that are extremely small.

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