APC Personal Surge Arrest: Simple, small and safe

Dec 27, 2005
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Pros:Small, lightweight and portable

Cons:Only one outlet

The Bottom Line: The botom line doesn't have a telephone.

The APC Personal Surge Arrest

This little device is a very simple way to protect a single PC from power surges and telephone line spikes. The device is very small and lightweight. It is about the size of a night light and plugs into any grounded AC outlet. It provides enough protection for one computer without any additional peripherals. It provides one protected AC outlet, a line-in and two lines out for a telephone line to go to the telephone and computer/fax. The design of the device has changed slightly and the newer ones do not look like the picture presented here on Epinions but they have the same ratings and specifications.


* Outlets: 1
* Input voltage: 120V
* Surge rating: 320 joules
* Max line current per phase: 15A
* EMI/RFI Noise rejection: (100 kHz to 10 mHz) 40 dB
* Peak Current Normal Mode: 4.50 kA
* Peak Current Common Mode: 9 kA
* Data line protection: RJ-11 Modem/Fax protection (two wire single line)
* Weight: 0.17 lbs.
* Height: 3.00 inches
* Width: 2.13 inches
* Depth: 2.25 inches
* Color: charcoal black
* Warranty: Lifetime
* Equipment protection policy: Lifetime / $25000
* Audible alarm: No audible alarm

Personal Use

I bought mine in an open box from Radio Shack for $5.49 about three months ago. Since then I have found the device to be very useful on the job. Most people whose computers I work on do not have any surge protection at all and when I need to use my laptop I always plug this device in first. It also helps me explain to them why they should get a surge suppressor or battery back-up device. This surge suppressor is not big enough to protect a complete computer system but is enough protection for a single small PC tower or a laptop computer.

I carry mine in my laptop case and use it only with my laptop. It has come in handy at hotels and basically anywhere you need to plug in AC power or an external telephone line to a laptop. It would also make a great protector for fax machines and other small office devices like all-in-one printers with built-in fax capabilities.

Where I do most of my work (people’s homes in the Lynchburg, VA area) the telephone lines are old and power is inconstant. I would never dare to plug in my laptop without surge protection. The surge suppressor helps to keep inconstant power from spiking and damaging electrical components in my laptop. Also, it doesn’t take a thunderstorm to kill a modem. A simple surge from static electricity in the building or in the air can do it, especially in some of these 100-200 year old houses that I work in with 50 year old telephone lines.


The APC Personal Surge Arrest is a good way to protect your laptop away from home. I would not recommend using it for protecting an entire desktop computer system but it is good for single devices such as fax machines. Personally I would recommend a good battery back-up for protecting a full desktop system. A battery back-up will protect not only the hardware from surges and power fluctuations but will protect the data on the computer from corruption due to insufficient power as well.

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