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Re: Review Differentials And Thoughts On The 964.
by cheapz
Thank you, yes there are some limitations -- the only one I have bumped into is the poor speaker phone performance ... I've actually not run into the situation of someone trying to leave a voice mail while I'm on the phone so I can't comment on that shortcoming.

As for similarities between this and the 944, The SYSTEM comments are indeed the same, however, I did try to call out the differences between the two models and why you would want one as opposed to the other, and I appreciate you that you picked up on this. Maybe I should change that headline to make that more obvious.

As for the differences between the 'current' models and these phones, the difference in cost didn't make ME want to try the 'newest greatest' version. Sometimes I feel like manufacturers just upgrade for the sake of being able to say 'new' and forget the idea is to have 'new AND improved' .... I didn't see that the newer AT&T are worth the premium price they garner in the marketplace!

Nov 7, 2006
8:46 am PST

Review Differentials And Thoughts On The 964.
by telecomman
I think there is enough of a difference between the 2 reviews to prevent a violation of epinion's rules.

Reviews of the 964, and the 984, its replacement, seem to indicate that the TAD has some short-comings that VTech has been unable to resolve.

The short-comings have to deal with calls not being sent to voicemail at a particular extension if the phone is in use, and the TAD locking up a telephone line under certain circumstances.

But all in all, if the limitations can be stomached, these NOKSU systems do deliver alot for their price.
Nov 5, 2006
6:22 pm PST

Dual Postings
by DeRango

Your review is highly similar, you basically changed the model numbers of each review. I gave this one a Very Helpful because it was the first one you wrote.

However the other review is basically the same thing.

Dual postings on different products are against epinions TOS rules.

Nov 5, 2006
6:27 am PST