Aroma Housewares PTS-204 4-Slice Toaster

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Aroma Prestige PTS-204 4-Slice Toaster...Big And Beautiful !

Aug 18, 2004 (Updated Aug 21, 2004)
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Pros:Perfect toast! Self-centering guides in each slot! Removable crumb trays! Attractive! Wide wells! Price!

Cons:Kinda Big but I really wouldn't change one thing about this toaster!

The Bottom Line: The Aroma Prestige PTS-204 4-Slice Toaster ranks among the very best at its meager price! If you have the space for it...go for it!

About three months ago I was given a mission. Find a new our former oven/toaster just quit on us. I can't say that I blame the old thing as it had served us fairly well and with eight of us...well, it definitely had seen some use!

Now, our last three toasters were all oven/toasters as opposed to the slotted type. It seemed to me that I always woundup spending between $30 and $40 for a Black & Decker that was pretty decent or an Oster that wasn't as it darn near caused a fire one time!

I was pretty much set on getting one of the oven/toaster types again but when I arrived at Home Depot, I was informed that they were cleaned out of them! The sales person then showed me what he did have in stock. It was the product for review here...The Aroma Prestige PTS-204 4-Slice Toaster.

Brand Aroma
Model Prestige PTS-204
Cancel Button
Crumb Tray
Estimated Price $25 to $50
Extra Wide Slots
Manufacturer Part Number ar-pts-204

Key Features:

4 Slice Toaster
Product ID 21246541
Warranty 90 Days Limited

Aside from the toaster's attractive brushed chrome-like stainless steel sleek's a monster of a toaster! But wait...hold the phone as there is something to be said for the sizable 7" H x 14" W x 9" D appliance! It is probably the most well constructed unit I have ever witnessed in my life!

Yes, I remember the stainless steel types when I was a young lad but nothing like this! They all had somewhat skinny wells that were troublesome and hazardous when pieces of toast were crumpled up in them. Well, thankfully that is not the case with the Aroma Prestige.

There are some well thought out features to this toaster that demand your attention.

The Mains:

The power cord to this toaster is completely different from the typical standard chinsy lampcord found on other units. It is an extremely Heavy Duty type extremely thick gauged round cord with three prong connector resembling something you'd expect to see on an expensive power tool! It's over a couple of feet long and needs a little attention when routing it so not to have it laying against the side of the appliance itself. I've never seen anything like this on this type of appliance and I like it! It assures safety.

The Controls:

Within the two dark pear shaped front panels are controls for each pair of wells. There is of course the Main Lever while to its left are two buttons marked Cancel and Bagel and to the right...Reheat and Defrost. Below the lever is a Variable Toast Browning Control marked from 1 to 6 in clockwise fashion. This is of course...for each side.

If you wish to pop your toast up earlier manually, there is no need to force the lever up and indeed you should not attempt to. Just simply push the Cancel button and the toast pops up immediately and effectively. No, it will not come flying out of its well but rather is abrupt when popping up! The pop-up itself is very strong but not quite enough to launch a rocket.

Because bagels have their own special texture, when placing the bagels in their respective wells...simply push the lever down and then press the Bagel button for proper toasting.

If you wish to reheat your toast, simply push down the lever and press the Reheat button. This tells the toaster not to treat the item like it hasn't been toasted already.

When placing frozen bagels or waffles or any frozen item in the toaster, push the lever down and then press the Defrost button for perfect toasting. This process takes a bit longer than average but you windup with proper toasting.

A corresponding well-lit bright red Pilot Lamp lights up as each control is pressed.


When setting the Variable Toast Browning Control to 4, the total time for toasting averages around 1 1/2 minutes to two minutes. Of course if you depress the Defrost button, you should tack on another forty five seconds. These are pretty good marks and there is no need to use a setting higher than 4 unless of course you like your toast burnt! To each his or her own! Personally I prefer the 2.5 setting.

At any rate, I figure that any toaster that can complete its assigned mission in the amount of time it takes for The Chiffons to sing their great number one hit..."He's So Fine" is just fine by me!

Do not worry about using an odd number of slices as this has no effect on the performance of the toaster.


Maintaining this toaster is a snap! If a toast or other item for some reason crumbles inside the well and gets stuck, simply pull the plug and turn the toaster upside down. Because of the extremely wide wells the item is allowed to exit rather freely.

Another unique feature of the Prestige is the fact that there are two pullout for each pair of wells located underneath. However, they are easily accessible by turning the toaster around and pulling out each tab. The trays then can be wiped easily and efficiently in a matter of seconds. Returning them to their slots is so simple!

I cannot stress the unit's ability to stay cleaner longer than any of its type I've ever seen in the past. Unless I have lived a considerably more sheltered life than previously thought, this toaster is about the easiest appliance of its type to maintain!


One can place quite a variety of items in this toaster and get first rate pleasing perfectly toasted results everytime. Bread slices, buns, sliced rolls, frozen or non-frozen waffles, frozen or non-frozen bagels, frozen French toast, pop tarts, pita bread and yes, even though it is NOT recommended...frozen pizza slices...those darn kids! Of course there's more but read the well illustrated Instruction Manual.


I've already touched on this subject a bit with describing the h.d. mains but I must tell you that the unit's levers and controls are extremely durable...more so than I've seen on anything else of this nature. They simply do not seem to break or fall off inadvertently and that's a BIG plus!

Each of the four extremely wide wells has a unique design that incorporates the use of a special self-adjusting basket that grabs the slice on both sides when the levers are pushed. It does not maul the item being toasted but rather senses its thickness and presses against it just enough for a sure snug fit. The baskets release the item during pop-up. Ingenious!

In Conclusion:

It is my sincerest wish that I have not scared you away from this item by over-emphasizing its "big" appearance. In reality, it does not take up much more space than what you may have been accustomed to but we did have to clear a bit more area to make it fit on our counter. No problem...the kitchen counter needed uncluttering and cleaning anyway! But wait 'til you see this baby for the first time!

I decided to poll my wife and kids on this particular item of utmost importance to our particular household and they all honestly said that they liked it...alot! When asked even my wife said..."It works" which is about the highest amount of praise you'll get from her on anything!

Overall, the Aroma Prestige PTS-204 4-Slice Toaster is a wonderfully well built appliance that should not only last for years but look great too. I constantly refer to my my "big and beautiful girl" because of her wonderful curves!

The toaster with its really cool two-tone brushed stainless steel construction that sports the words..."Aroma" in scripted red and "Prestige" in scripted black offset by the dark pear-shaped control panels complimented by its sleek lines really make the beast look more like a beauty. Add to this the fact that it cooks so properly with many a pleasing "aroma" {no pun intended...OK I is intended!} filling your kitchen and you've got yourself an appliance that's easy to live with!

Having six children I think I can safely say that it makes a great "shower" gift for that special young couple in your life or for anyone for that matter who needs a reliable item of this nature. Its price is extremely reasonable! This is one time you can really say with confidence..."You're toast!!"

P.S.= EPINIONS Member "Lorace" has written a "Most Helpful" review on another Aroma product that you might be interested in...The Aroma Cool Touch Deep Fryer. Here is the link to that great review!

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): $39.99

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