Homeland Housewares Magic Bullet MBR-1701 1-Speed Blender

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1Bullet, 1Kitchen, 1Person, Will Save You Time By Using A Magic Bullet Food Processor.

Aug 21, 2011
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Pros:Easy to use and lightweight.

Cons:A little too small for the really large jobs.

The Bottom Line: If you are a person that likes making one serving dishes then this is the blender for you. This saves time and clean-up.

I can think of 100 ways why you should not purchase this new blender called the “Magic Bullet”, but only one reason that you should purchase it, and that is luxury. This blender will make your life in the kitchen 100 times easier especially if you are on a specialized diet and need things mixed in a breeze and with little to no mess or at least not much clean-up to deal with. This blender is made by the “Homeland Housewares” for the “As Seen On TV” specials. We found this at our local Meijer’s store. There have been times that I have been suckered into purchasing one of these specialty items and they have been only used once or twice. But, this one is different, you will positively use this more than a couple of times.

This is only a two blade blender and will help you in the summertime, then imagine what you could do with this blender if it made your family’s life a lot easier this summer. If you are looking for a fun way to make all of your individual drinks fun for the summer, this is the blender that will help you out and will keep your kids cool and smiling throughout the whole summer. This “Magic Bullet” blender that my wife and I purchased last year is made by the “Homeland Housewares“ company, we have had this unit for a 1 1/2 years and only paid $50. I know that we have seen them as low as $45.00 but we have also seen them as high as $70 on line. When we saw this one on sale for $50, we thought it would be a nice addition to our summertime fun.

With us having 8 children and 9 grandchildren, we would like to save money where ever we go, and a lot of times we would blend up some cold and frozen drinks in the summer time and even in the winter time, and when our small grandchildren are teething, we use this for our babies so that we did not have to pay the higher price of junior baby foods. This blender “Magic Bullet” has only been around for a few years, so a lot of people may not know the name, and that is when you depend on your friends and what they have to say about the operation of this blender. So, after contemplating purchasing this blender for quite a few minutes, with the sleek colorful grey and silver design that this has, we went ahead and invested the money into this product. This is just like having a restaurant grade blender in your own kitchen.

With the sleek pitcher design, and the patented powerful and sharp blade will help you prepare nutritious baby foods and any frozen drink foods in a matter of seconds. This will not take up much space on your counter. It is only 10 ½" inches in height, by 4" inches in width. But, if you do have to move it around it weighs approximately 3 pounds. I have lifted some other blenders in my time and sometimes it feels like I am going to get a hernia by lifting them, but this one does not weigh much at all.

This comes with a high torque power base ( which is no more noisy than a regular blender), you will also receive two different types of blades (a cross cut one and a flat type), there is also two cups to mix your food in a tall one and a shorter one, you also get 4 different colored rings that attach to clear mugs, in addition to all of this you get two shaker/steamer tops and two stay fresh re-sealable lids ( these are usually used for leftovers), all of this is made of plastic. These attachments are very easy to grab and the lids on top can be pulled off of the pitcher or mugs with ease.

This also has on the base unit with four rubber knobs that will hold the unit still while in operation. The 2 blades that attach in the bottom of the blender are made of stainless steel and are positioned in such a way that they will chop up any solid fruit or food that you place inside. Even though they advertise that this is a quiet operating motor and they make the base out of a heavy die-cast metal for stability, this is still a little noisy and I have yet to find any blender that is completely quite. This unit basically comes in 17 pieces, the top or mugs or so called pitcher that will act as a container with a lid for each, and the base which houses the motor.

The blending jar (or mug) and lid are separate and sealing ring and blending blade are all incorporated in the base that that are not connect to the pitcher. The lower part of the base houses the control panel which is where you can control there is no stop/start feature, an no power button, the way that this works is when you place the top onto the high torque bottom that is when is automatically starts to blend all of the contents. All of the parts of this blender with the exception of the blades and the base which has the controls are dishwasher safe. The base houses a very high torque motor for all of your heavy duty cycles that you may need to chop up. This will chop up all your ice needs to a fine snowy product. This also has the ability to chop, dice, and chop and puree all of your large food or fruits and vegetables.

There are a lot of nice features on this particular model. This has high torque motor, and located in the base for chopping and dicing ice and 2 blades located in the bottom to chop up the food that is placed inside the pitcher. This has a seamless smooth face that has no buttons, switches or control like knobs or toggle switches. The panel will wipe clean very easily. Stuff as thick as solid fruit or solid foods will be turned into butter and pureed, this will give you more power to chop, and this motor will adjust for that thickness. This one piece pitcher that sits on top has a the perfect capacity for individual size servings, and it is scratch and stain and shatter resistant plastic container to an extent.

The pitcher has a nice contour shape so that the food that is chopped up, and will be pulled to the bottom during processing. The “Magic Bullet has a lot of versatility, so they have put these at a reasonable price. Most of these pieces of this blender are dishwasher safe, but things that are made of plastic may turn colors and become brittle after washing them. So, I would highly recommend that you hand wash things like the lids and blade to prevent this from happening.

My wife and I have used this for several different things, but since this cost so much we wanted to find other uses for it, so we started out using it to make smoothies for parties in the summer time and found that you can also use this to purée baby food instead of buying it at those ridiculously high prices. We would just take whatever we were having for dinner, when the child gets old enough and stick it in the blender and it was actually better for the baby than buying the processed food in a jar. We have also made lots of sauces and puréed tomatoes for spaghetti. My wife has used this for making egg nog and dips around Christmas time. She also uses her dip making recipes for parties. This does an excellent job for the iced drinks plus a real good job on making smoothies. We have found out that this does do a very good job of making shakes, because the ice cream is so thick, but we have found out upon further use, that if you use a lot of milk and a lot of liquids to whatever you are doing, with 2 blades the better this blender seems to work.

When you have a summer party and have a lot of kids around this is a great addition to all of your party needs. This is excellent for all of the younger crowd and our kids would all come running and get in line to get one of their favorite fruit smoothies. The way that this is set up you will get a consistent mixture of fruit to ice and will hold up a straw with a lot of packed ice. The manual controls help you to be able to control the type of consistency that you want in a fruit smoothie. Depending on the consistency of whatever type of refreshment that you desire, will depend on what you set the amount of ingredients that you need to add to the pitcher. Once the selected amount of ice and or food or fruit is mixed and crushed you can take the pitcher directly from the holder and start drinking the contents directly from the serving container without ever opening the top of the pitcher.

Other than the base and any electrical parts, the rest of the parts can be put into the dishwasher and is safe for the next use, I would highly recommend hand washing all of these parts as to not get them distorted. You will have to do some disassembly to the unit to get all of the parts out and washed for the next use. This is made for frozen and fresh fruit or vegetable drinks, if you were to pour a hot drink into the pitcher it could possibly be ejected out when you start it up. The heat when mixed up has no way to get out of the pitcher unless the top is cracked a little. The installation of any hot product could also cause the glass pitcher to crack and shatter if you happen to add ice cold ingredients to the mix.

With the fact that food compartment is shatterproof and stain resistant and cleans up excellent by hand, makes this to be one of the most durable blenders on the market. We have also used this continuously for approximately 1 hour at intervals for parties and dinners in our home, and this still never overheated. One of my main concerns is trying to find a blender that is very quiet. But, my wife and I have yet to find one that is made extremely quiet. I would have to give this a rating of 5, on a one to 10 rating, for its noisiness, but I can give it a 10 for effectiveness. This particular model is definitely not quiet, and I would not recommend this if you are looking for a quiet model.

The “Magic Bullet” has an excellent one-year hassle free replacement policy, and that is, if it fails during the first year that they will replace it free of charge. They will deliver it right to your front door and arrange for the return of the broken appliance and get this, instead of just letting your new appliance continue out the rest of that warranty. They will insure and guarantee that new appliance for an additional year.

This blender makes me dream of the day that I will stumble across a quiet or whisper mode blender. I hope that someone out there will be able to tell me where to find a very quiet blender. Even though this one is not very quiet, it does work exceptionally well and will do the job that it advertises it will do. I do like the easy no button control panel and the fact that the food compartment is shatterproof. But, until another one comes along that is quieter than this one. I guess I will just keep on using this for years to come. We definitely got our money out of this one. This is almost a disposable model because it is so cheap that it would not pay to get this fixed if were to break. The only problem is that these are hard to find in your local stores because they are always sold out. We wanted two of these, one for at home and one at my wife’s office because it is so compact and lightweight.

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Amount Paid (US$): 56.00

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