Avanti DG-24CW-1 Gas Range

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AVANTI "The Stove Of My Dreams," and I had never heard the name before.

Feb 2, 2004 (Updated Feb 3, 2004)
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Pros:Compact, Cleans easy, Cooks good, Looks nice, Cooks Like the "Big Boys"


The Bottom Line: I Love My Avanti DG24cw-1 Compact Gas Range and will now try other products by Avanti.

Sometimes you shop for something because you really need it, other times because you really want it, and sometimes both. Well I had decided that I wanted a second kitchen. I did not like the fact that my kitchen was kind of small, 7ft by 15ft and located near the back of the house so in the summer when we would have cookouts it always seemed as if we had to track a hundred miles to get something out of the kitchen, walking first through a nice size boot room, 15x18 which we really didn't use for much except a catch-all, and then trod through the family room and laundry room and finally the kitchen.

This made would be fun outside cooking a chore so I got the bright idea to turn the catch-all boot room into a kitchen. There were already plumbing and gas lines near by.

Getting to the point so I started the task of putting a kitchen up front and wanted it to have what I wanted and needed as economically as possible.

I did get some package deals on appliances and the Avanti DG-24cw-1 Kitchen Range was one of them.

The stove I had was a perfectly good one, almost new, but it was too big. I wanted a small compact range, with a glass door and either bottom grill or drawer for storage. Also I wanted the top to be as easy to clean as I could get and a self-cleaning oven.

I searched many stores and brands, but was not having much luck, however when I was purchasing my dishwasher the salesperson introduced me to the Avanti DG24cw-1 Kitchen Range.

This was love at first sight, without inspecting it or knowing the brand name I was already in love with the looks. It looked compact, had the glass oven door, the right colors, black and white, mostly white. and I could see a drawer on the bottom, although at that time I did not know if it was for storage, or a broiler section.

Upon inspection I found this Avanti range had everything I was looking for except a self cleaning oven. I have had a self cleaning oven before, but on the real side you still have to do some work if you make a mess.

Not knowing anything about Avanti appliances I still had a few concerns about quality, but the sales person was very informative, and convincing

Now to ask the questions and find out if it was really what I wanted.

I learned that Avanti is most known for it's wine coolers, and compact appliances. And sold by many dealers.

I have used many stoves, but almost always a well know brand name to me, since this one was not, I was asking everything about it I could think of and then some.

What was sabbath mode?
I was told it did not have this, but I had never heard of it. Sabbath mode is the ability of an oven to stay on and warm without automatically shutting off in about 12 hours. I was also informed that Jewish persons use this mode often to keep their food warm over the Sabbath.
http://Avanti products.com/services/parts.html

I did find out that Avanti is a known name in appliances and sold at many well know stores, They have been making appliance for over 30 years, specializing in wine coolers, compact appliances and mini-kitchens, but also popular for many other appliances and a large share of online marketing.

Let's Get Down To Cooking
This is a compact unit, and I did want to conserve space, but when it comes to actual cooking it can cook like the big boys.. I had no problem getting a 25 lb turkey into the oven, and almost all of my regular baking pots and pans fit in this oven as well. It was nice having an oven that lights up also, which I did not have on my other oven.

I really enjoy having the broiler unit in the middle instead of at the bottom like my older model stove. I appreciated having a drawer to store tops, or what ever else you my decide. (nothing that might melt or crack with heat). The drawer is about 4½ inches deep.

One of the burners gets very hot, and cooks things very fast, one is lower for simmering and cooks much slower and two are semi-rapid and cook medium. I knew that electric ranges had a similar type feature, but I had never thought about it on a gas range, at any rate, this is a nice feature to have, especially for hot cereals or rice when you don't want them cooking too fast, or for keeping hot coca warm without burning it.

The dials are clearly marked so that you can tell very easily if the stove or oven is on or off.

Clean up is easy
There have been many spills and run overs, and everything has cleaned up very easy, sometimes with just a sponge and warm soapy water, sometimes with a soft scrub and warm soapy water, but it has not been anything like the old fashioned scrubbing and taking apart a zillion pieces, like some older model stoves I have had in the past.

The 2 top parts come off real easy and then you just wipe out the base and put the little center cover and the top grill back on. It usually takes me 5 to 10 minutes if I have really let the stove get dirty.

The inside is easy to clean too, mostly just wipes down with a soft scrub and warm to hot, soapy water. I have never used Brillo or similar type scrubbers as I have never needed them.

I have been using my stove for almost a year now, and I am very satisfied with every aspect of it.
Now when I see the name Avanti I will feel confident about making a purchase.

I had gone without cooking in an oven for about 4 years but since I have bought my Avanti DG24cw-1 range I am back to cooking breakfast, instead of running to the restaurants all the time. Also I am baking cakes, pies, roasts, and so many dishes that I had stopped making.

I have the stove on a service contract with Sears as I do all my major appliances, but so far I have only had to call when it was first being connected.

It came with a conversion unit to go from natural gas to propane we do not have natural gas in our area. I am pretty handy about hooking things up and putting them together, but this was beyond my capabilities.

Brand Avanti
Free Standing Range DG24cw-1
~Fuel Type Gas (there are electric models in compact size also)
Manufacturer Part Numberdg-24cwOven
~ Without Sabbath Mode
~Overall Depth26 in.
~Overall Height40.25 in.
~Overall Width23.5 in.
~Weight 121 lbs
~120 Volts 60Hz
~Automatic Electronic Ignition (can be started with a match if electrical power is off)
~Element Type Burner
~4 Cooking Elements or
4 Sealed Burners (Three types)
~A Rapid burner
~2 Semi-rapid burners
~1 Simmer burner
This a Convection Type Bake Broil Oven
~Switch-Controlled Oven Light (there is a small button to push next to the control dials) ~Storage Drawer.
~Dual Porcelain Enamel-Coated Steel Cooktop.
~Oven Vent To Allow Air To Circulate Properly.
~Surface Burner Markers to
Indicate Individual Burner Settings.
~Waist-High Broiler.
~Broiler tray approximately 12x13
~1 oven rack approximately 15x17 inches
~Deluxe Built-in Splash Guard ~Leveling Legs
~Double Glass Oven Door.
~Door Handle & Anti-Tip Anchor Bracket.  
~bulb part number 156002 $3.00
Avanti DG-24cw-1Range
1 year parts and labor
30 days parts labor on glass,enamel,porcelain,and metal finished parts.

I still did some homework on my own to find out as much about Avanti products as possible, and I found the sites and phone number listed below most informative, and helpful.

1 800 323-5029
10880 Northwest 30 Street
Miami, Florida 33172

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 200.00

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