Bazooka BTA8100 1-Way 8" Car Subwoofer Reviews
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Bazooka BTA8100 1-Way 8" Car Subwoofer

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Very Good Sub Sound for the Money

Sep 28, 2006
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Pros:For the money you get a great sound...

Cons:Install was not as easy as stated, Bazooka does not have good technical support..

The Bottom Line: Highly recommend the speaker for the clean powerful bass, but...if you are looking for mind blowing volume, this is not for you

I drive a 1998 Nissan Altima and was looking for a small addition to my totally stock system. I looked at a bunch of options, mostly Bazooka items (EL8A-a 50 watt powered sub), and the (EL8AHP-100 watt powered sub) and a few others but decided on the BTA8100. (I believe that the BTA8100 replaced the EL8AHP for 06). The lowest price I could find for the sub was on ebay for $136.00 with shipping. The seller also offered a two year warranty.
After doing further research about the install of the sub I found that in doing it myself it would be alot easier to purchase Bazooka's made FAST harnesses. These harnesses do make it easier in the fact that you do not have to buy any aftermarket wire, run a line to your battery, or splice any of your existing wires to attach. The only problem with the fast harnesses is that Bazooka does not make many to fit specific vehicles. They do make some, but in my research they are made more for older model vehicles (88-94). If they do not make a harness for your specific vehicle you have to purchase the FAST-9999 (about $26/w shipping) which is a universal connector. This wire gives you screw down connectors which you actually attach to your existing radio's input wires by screwing the connector piece through the wire. This actually took me about an hour to make the connections and was not as easy as it looked, but it did save me any splicing. Once you connect all of those wires, you have to connect into another fast harness (Fast BTAH-$23/w shipping) that runs directly back to the sub which is mounted in my trunk.
The biggest problem on my install was figuring out which wires were which on my own radio to plug into Bazooka's attachment. This would have been impossible without the help of my Nissan dealership who printed out the wiring diagram for me. I tried to look online for that information but I could not find it anywhere. Everything from figuring out how to remove all the plastic pieces in my car without breaking them, to mounting the sub in the back of the car the hard install probably took me about 4 hours. With all the research and everything else closer to 8. This was the first time I ever installed anything stereo related, and looking back I think I would do it again. Saved me about $150.00 and I'm glad I know what was done.
One more note about Bazooka..do not rely on their technical support for any help with installation. In talking to them I felt like I knew more about what I was talking about then they did. They do not know individual products well and you are better off going the hard route and figuring it out yourself.
Finally with the system completely hooked up I was anxious to try it out. I was immediately impressed with the sound of the speaker. It was very loud and easily controlled with the volume controller that I bought (Bazooka RBCM-100--26.99 at Crutchfield). The sub has a great sound and I would highly recommend it. For me, it was exactly what I was looking for, an addition to a stock system to give a nice bass sound. The sub will not win any contests for loudness, but for just driving around and enjoying music, it has more than enough power. At max volume I could not last in the car for more than a minute.
All in all for under $200.00 for everything I bought (I highly recommend the volume controller) I am very happy with this setup. Even my buddy with a $1500 car stereo was very impressed. Would I tell you to buy the Bazooka BTA-8100....absolutely.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 136.00

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