Bissell 1715-8 Bagless Handheld Vacuum

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Spots Lifted Up Where They Belong!

Nov 14, 2002 (Updated Nov 14, 2002)
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Pros:Easy to use. Economical to run. Effective for intended purpose.

Cons:I preferred the adjustable nozzle on the older model, though I rarely used it!

The Bottom Line: Compact spot lifter that works equally well on hard floors, carpet, and upholstery. Perfect for quick, immediate clean-up of spills. I keep mine handy, and full of cleaning fluid!

Hear the music to “Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong”….,

“Spots lifted up where they belong,
Far from the floor below
Where the spilled milk goes!

Time goes by,
Kids on the fly,
And it’s just I
Left to cle-an!”

Oh, hi! Guess you caught me using my mop as a microphone again. Well, let’s move on to why I don’t have to use my mop as frequently!

Additional Product Specs/Details

The Bissell Spot Lifter 1715-8 is Bissell’s follow-up to the Bissell Spot Lifter Cordless Hand-Held Deep Cleaner 1715-A. At the time of this writing, the earlier Model 1715-A had an Epinions 4 star rating with 103 reviews.

Despite the photo by this product, the 1715-8 doesn’t come with the attachments shown. This photo is more like the earlier model 1715-A.

I have a 3 story house, so when I find a product I really, really like, I might buy a second one later, so that it’s handy for more than one floor. (That sounds better than saying I’m lazy, doesn’t it? Not lazy; I just want to do other things besides clean!).

So, to review this product, I had to see if it could hold its own against the older model I'd already purchased, which still performs beautifully.

To help me give a fair comparison of the two models, I contacted Bissell directly to ask them exactly what the differences were in Model 1715-A and the newer 1715-8.

This is a copy of Bissell's reply email (and I received it within 2 hours, I might add)!

Models 1715-A and 1715-8 are very similar. Model 1715-8 is the newer version of the SpotLifter.

Model 1715- A had teal green tanks and included an assortment of attachments and a wall mount. The spray nozzle on this model was adjustable.

Model 1715-8 has sky blue tanks and does not include the attachments or wall mount. The attachments were removed so that the machine could be available at a lower price. This model does not have an adjustable spray nozzle.

The basic machine and charger are otherwise the same.

Product promises vs. reality

At, the product is described as follows:

Do you have kids, pets, or messy guests? The Bissell spot lifter packs professional-style deep cleaning into a new hand-held size. It's self-contained cleaning system suctions the liquid back into a separate chamber and is rechargeable for later use.
• Completely self contained
• Rechargeable
• Powerful front spray nozzle applies deep cleaning solution right where you need it
• Removable power strip
• Uses model #499 Little Green formula
• Includes cleaning formula and rechargeable adapter
• Length: 4.98" Width: 4.01" Height: 4.83" Weight: 6.00 lbs.

(The weight of 6 lbs. would put U.S. shipping costs at approximately $4.95 for UPS Ground, in addition to their current sale price of $29.99).

Additionally, the Bissell website, (, states the product:

“sprays, lifts, and removes tough spots and spills when they happen”

I think this is important because Bissell specifies spots and spills are removed when they happen; and they do not tout the spot lifter as a product to remove old, deep, set-in stains.

The Bissell site further states the product;

“replaces traditional rag and manual spot cleaners lifting out stains without blotting them in”.

This is one of the key features that make me adore this product. When I slosh coffee on the cream carpet; or when the kid (who is not supposed to have any ingestible product on the couch) somehow dumps Kool-Aid on it; I can suck out the stuff without rubbing it in.

Further, the "rocket scientist" who built our house put beautiful hardwood floors in the kitchen!

My kids daily put enough food and drink on that floor to feed a Third World country. My Bissell Spot Lifter has successfully eaten enough grape jelly to develop diabetes!

Oh, did I also mention that ownership of this Spot Lifter means I don’t have to actually touch “grossness”?

When my 13 year old ate too much “state fair food”, and unexpectedly deposited it on the carpet when we arrived home, Buddy Bissell handled it with aplomb. There is no cleaning cloth thick enough to prevent my own stomach from flipping in those situations. I guided Buddy Bissell with one hand, enabling me to hold my nose with the other hand.

Another delightful feature of the Spot Lifter is that cleaning fluid can be left in it, even while it’s on the wall-mounted charger. That way, it’s always handy, and used more frequently.


I preferred the older model that came with an adjustable spray nozzle and the squeegee attachment. The new model only comes with a brush.

In all honesty, I found I rarely used the adjustable nozzle on the older model, anyway. I just liked knowing it was there.

The attachments, which fit either model, including some attachments that did not come with the original Spot Lifter, are available at the Bissell site. ( I found them very inexpensive, ranging from $1.50 for a replacement tank plug or plastic scoop, to $12.95 for a whole new charger. Most attachments are in the $3.50 range.

Thus, you can purchase this new model, and supplement it with all the attachments you like, which is what I’ve done.

Switching from the squeegee to the standard brush enable the spot lifter to function well on hard floors, carpet, and upholstery.

I find it easy to change from the brush to the rubber squeegee for the different purposes. Both models have a plastic “scoop” on the bottom that’s so well attached I often forget it’s there. I don’t use the scoop that often however, because I primarily use this product for wet spills, or sticky, gooey “stuff” that requires some cleaning fluid and a brush.

Ease of Use

I’ve owned the newer product about 6 months, and I find that it actually decreases the frequency I have to mop the whole kitchen. It’s much easier to use the Spot Lifter after a meal than to mop.

I should really find a way to mount this thing under the kitchen table, since that’s the area where I use it most. Well…, there and the couch where my kids *ahem* don’t eat. (?!)

Further, it’s so easy to use, the kids can use it themselves to clean up their own messes! Therefore, when my 8 year old knocks over his milk at dinner, I can remain seated!!! Even he can remove the “sticky” part with this spot lifter!

I also find it easy to empty and clean the dirty water container, and to measure and refill the cleaning fluid.

Economy of Use

It’s easy to obtain Bissell cleaning fluids. They can be found in grocery stores, discount stores, etc… as well as their site, of course. I always like to know I can obtain refills for a product quickly and easily. (Cheaply doesn’t hurt, either!).

Because the fluid is concentrated when purchased, it requires only a small amount, thus making it economical to actually use the product frequently.

Since it is small and compact, I change from the floor cleaning fluid to the upholstery cleaning fluid with little waste.

The Bissell Website

One of the things I appreciate about Bissell products is their website. They have tons of information available, lots of FAQS for each product.

They also go so far as to respond to customer queries! You can even subscribe to receive cleaning tips, or peruse some of them on the site. I’ve found these worthwhile.


The Bissell warranty reads like most other warranties from large companies; i.e. a fairly long document in “legalese”.

The bottom line is they state they’ll take it back if something’s wrong with it, in a reasonable period of time.

On other Bissell products, my experience has been that they’ll do more than they actually state they’re required to; which I appreciate.

Further, this item could always be purchased at Wal-Mart, where it could be returned for credit, no questions asked.


Despite the changes in the product model, I would still recommend this new product for people who want a spot lifter for quick, immediate spills. Although I’ve had some success with older, dried spots on carpets by allowing the solution to soak for a moment, that’s not what this product was designed to do.

As with the earlier model, I do wish the battery held a longer charge. I am not taking any stars away from this product for that disadvantage; because Bissell specifically states the intended purpose of the product is for small jobs.

I consider this product a “must-have” for any parent, or for any grandparent who has visiting grandkids! My guess is that it would be good for those with pets, as well.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 35 locally

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