Good for money but not durable for the long haul

Jan 29, 2010
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Pros:for what you are getting the price is good
worked amazing for about 8 months

Cons:did not last long
lots of filers to clean and leave to dry overnight

The Bottom Line: If you don't have or want to spend a lot of money on a vacuum and you really need one I would consider it.

I bought the bissell cleanview ii bagless vacuum to replace a 3 year old dirt devil that only cost me $50 at the time. So I do realize I was comparing it to a piece of junk but the first time I used it I was thrilled!!!! To me this vacuum WAS amazing. I have 5 cats and 1 dog and the amount of hair and junk it picked up was crazy. Even though I never "saw" the hair on the carpet, what it was picking up it grossed me out just now knowing it was there.

Fast forward to about 15 months later. The suction on this is almost completely gone. I did clean my filters on a regular basis, which is a pain because there are so many of them and they have to dry over night. I keep them in my kitchen sink because they are wet after first rinsing them which I don't like because I feel like I have a bunch of dust and gross stuff in my kitchen, kinda of the point of having a hepa vacuum to keep it out of the hair. I just recently last month took the whole thing apart according to the owners manual and did all the trouble shooting and cleaning that was supposed to fix the suction. It did not work. Also the turbine (hope that's the right word for it) tool that spins real fast and is supposed to get up all the pet hair was amazing at first but once again even after cleaning it goes so slow now and is pointless.

The standard hose that comes with it is also pointless now because things fall out of it when I point it down to use (this is still after trying to empty it)

Also this vacuum is SO dusty. Every time I empty the filter it gets dust and hair and gross things all over the whole vacuum I have to spray it down every time.

Bottom line for the price I can't really complain but I still think you should get more then a year from a vacuum. I do realize though that my 5 cats and 1 dog might be more then an average vacuum can handle which is why I am now getting a dyson.

If you need this for average use I think for the price it would be a good value.

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