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Bissell 1867 Stick Cleaner

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My favorite mop!

Dec 2, 2007
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Pros:Easy. no cleaners. fast and long lasting.

Cons:none so far.

The Bottom Line: I think that this product is an easy effective way to clean my floors.

I have owned the Bissell Steam Mop for a couple months. I was very tired of mopping my floors. It is very time consuming and the clean barely lasts for one day. It is advertised as an All Natural, Chemical-Free Clean. I think this is true. It is much faster than a mop and a bucket. Steam cleaning doesn’t leave any residue on the floor. This residue attracts dirt and makes the floor get dirty faster. I find that the residue free floor doesn’t stick to dust and crumbs, so the floor sweeps cleaner.


The product comes unassembled. There are three basic pieces and two screws. Small screw on the bottom, large screw on top. I assembled it quickly with no problems. The cord winds around two hooks. This is standard for most electric cleaners.


First, you fit the mop pad over the swivel head like a sock. There is a toggle that tightens the string that runs around the edges of the pad around the swivel head. This toggle goes in back. This is also easy, but other reviews mention that it may get more difficult after the pads are washed and dried.

Filling the water tank was one place I had a little trouble. It fits upside down in the back. It pulls out easily. The picture in the manual shows the cap lifting off. If you read the manual it says unscrew the lid. It is actually both. You unscrew the top and lift out the lid insert. You fill it up with water and pop it back into the back of the mop.

Next you plug the mop into the wall and wait for the red light (in front) to come on. When the red light comes on you are ready to mop. The steam is applied when you press the trigger. The first time you do this the mop will make a lot of noise (normal).

Go over the (clean swept) floor slowly. You should see a damp shine. Some reviewers have noticed puddling, but not me. When you get to a visible stain, stop and hold the mop over it. Then rub the mop pad over it and the stain will disappear. This is slower than regular mopping, but remember you have go over the floor once. With regular moping I was washing the floor with cleaner, then rinsing with clean water and then I have to sop up the puddles. The steam mop is much faster than all that.

The floor is warm to the touch and it dries very quickly. Unplug the mop and let it cool. Then wind up the cord and put it away standing up. It is able to stand alone and support itself, but you have leave it leaning slightly forward or it will fall over.

I will try to go over the manufacturer’s claims.

Safe & Effective
It seems very safe to operate, if you follow the directions. Don’t try to remove the mop pad until it is cool. I find that it does clean effective and this improves every time use it. I believe that as you remove the residue of old cleaners your floor stay cleaner longer.

No cleaners to buy. Heats up in 30 seconds.

Environmentally Friendly
It is true that there are no harmful fumes or residue left behind The micro fiber pads are washable and reusable One hint. Make sure you wash the pads without softener. Laundry Softener destroys the effectiveness of micro fiber cleaning cloths.

360̊ Swivel Head
Well the head does swivel and gets into a lot of places but not everywhere. The height of the head is too tall to fit far under my fridge so I have to wipe that spot up by hand.

Steam on Demand
The steam comes immediately, that’s true.

Washable Microfiber Mop Pads
Yes, Washable Microfiber mop pads are safe for hard surfaces and reusable and this does Eliminates waste of disposable cloths (didn’t I just cover this?) These claims are repetitive but true. You can also order Cotton pads that are available on the website.

Slim, Lightweight Design
I find that it is light weight and the handle is ergonomically designed. Some reviewers feel that it is difficult to continually pull the steam trigger while pushing the mop back and forth, I find this to be easy.

100% Chemical-Free
Very true, very repetitive.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 80

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