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Mix With Ease, Mix with a Bonjour Turbo Whisk Handheld Blender

Oct 28, 2004
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Pros:Cordless, handheld, easy to use, makes it a breeze to mix things

Cons:Longer and more secure attachments would be nice

The Bottom Line: This little handheld mixer gets used for mixing just about everything in the kitchen, and makes life a lot easier! I'll never drink a clumpy drink again!!

I forget why we originally bought the Bonjour Turbo Cuisine Hand Blender, although I vaguely recall pursuit of making better hot cocoa! I remember looking for some type of frother, and we had tried one, and it was just so awful it had to be returned. So when we bought the BonJour blender, we were pleasantly pleased with it.

We bought this item at Linen's N Things for about $20.00. Keep in mind that Linen's N Things and Bed Bath & Beyond both accept competitor's coupons, and my local BB&B takes even expired coupons, which can be a real incentive. I regularly get $5 of $15 and 20% off coupons in the mail (I signed up for the mailing list), and it is really helpful in saving money on household items.

The BonJour Turbo Cuisine Hand Blender

This is not your typical blender or even hand blender, as it does not have blades. Instead, it is small and has four attachments for mixing, blending, beating, and whipping. Each attachment consists of a plastic piece on the end of a metal rod. The blender sits in a countertop stand, which also holds the four attachments.

The blender measures 11" tall. This product requires four AA batteries, which are not included in the purchase. There are no cords, and is simply operated by a large button on the top. It has 2 speeds.

The BonJour blender comes with a recipe book, although it is very small.

There is a 2-cup workbowl included, which is basically a plastic measuring cup with a lid. It is dishwasher safe.

My Thoughts & Experiences

You should be able to tell right away that this product is for light mixing needs (by that, I mean liquids, not solid items or things like making smoothies with ice cubes!). For the most part, we keep just one of the mixing attachments on the blender, and use it for mixing drinks. For example, we regularly make things like powdered lemonade or mixing sugar into tea, and this is the perfect appliance for it. I find it very frustrating to mix something, and the powder just clumps up, whether it is a nutrition shake or a cup of hot cocoa. With the BounJour Turbo Cuisine, I never have those kinds of problems.

It is very simple to use this appliance, especially since it is cordless and handheld, and is ready to use at a moment’s notice. You choose the attachment you want, snap it on (by pushing it in), and blend, which consists of pushing on the button on the top. It has two speeds, so pressing it lightly is a slower speed, and all the way is the higher speed.

The mixing container comes in handy once in a while. It is basically a plastic measuring cup, with a lid. The good thing about the container is that you can use the blender in it with the lid on (there is a spot in the lid to fit the blender through). The liquids can be measured in the cup, and won't splash out while you are using the blender. It also has a pour spout for when you are done, which is great for things like sauces that can be directly applied.

We really just use the BonJour blender for a few main purposes. Probably the most common use would be for, as I mentioned earlier, mixing drinks. Not alcoholic drinks, but things like iced-teas, including low-carb/sugar-free mixes. It is also great for drinks that we take with us on hiking trips, like powdered Gatorade mix.

Another major use is for things like hot cocoa and powdered coffee drinks like lattes or Nescafe Frothe. Try mixing it with a spoon, and you've got clumps of mix. Mix it with the BonJour, and it is evenly blended, no chunks of powder, and many times, you'll get a nice froth on the top (depending on what type of drink it is).

We also use this at times for blending sauces. We recently used it to make a Schechzuan sauce, and it worked great to mix some oils, spice, and base together to make a uniform sauce. If you ever buy seasonings that need to be mixed with oil (like pasta salad dressings), this is just right.

The BonJour is also good for general cooking or baking needs. You can use it to mix light things like eggs, jello mix, and other liquid ingredients.

As for the battery life, it seems pretty good. I don't notice a lot of battery changes, and with two AA batteries, we can also just use rechargeable ones.

And cleanup is generally a breeze. Usually it consists of a rinse under the faucet, unless it is something particularly messy (greasy, thick, etc.).

Any Dislikes?

The stand isn't the greatest, since it is small and not the most stable. However, I can’t even say I have used the thing since we first got it! In all honesty, we use the blender so much that the stand stays in the back of a cabinet and the blender stays on the counter. (Usually with the end sticking over the sink, from its most recent rinse!). The stand is probably best for just storing the attachments. We usually just stick with one attachment, the mixer, so the other ones get dug out only for special situations that require a different tool.

It definitely does take a few tries to get used to how to control the blender, and to know what speed you can use on something so that it doesn't splash or spill. Sometimes I just make a mess, but it is pretty much just a product of laziness (i.e. not getting a big enough mug).

You have to be careful that on the high speed, you don't cause whatever you are mixing to spill out. For example, with hot cocoa, it is easy to cause it to spill over, being that it doesn't have a lot of room in the mug. The liquid will spin fast enough so that it just goes right over the sides.

Another thing I would probably change if I could would be the length of the mixing attachments. Usually, the length is more than enough to mix a regular mug or glass of liquid, but there are some instances where I think a longer attachment would be very useful.

Lastly, I wish the attachments are a little better secured in the blender. You attach them by snapping them in, but I think the design could be improved to make it a little more secure.

Overall Thoughts

I have heard and read quite a bit of mixed reviews on this product. I think the most common misperception is that people think they can use this on things that are too thick. We shopped for a frother, didn't like it, wanted something a little more useful as well, and bought this instead – and I’m very happy with it. We use it only for things that are fairly liquid in nature such as tea, hot cocoa, eggs, powdered drinks, watery sauces, etc. I really can't find much of anything I dislike like about this product. The button on the top can be a little tricky in terms of controlling speed, but it is a good design nonetheless.


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