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Burberry Burberry 3.4oz Men's Eau de Toilette

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Burberry for Manly Man kind of men ... or those who want to be!

Nov 25, 2003 (Updated Nov 25, 2003)
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Pros:Handsome masculine scent, reasonably priced if found on sale

Cons:May be overpowering if applied too heavily

The Bottom Line: A fantastic fresh but sensual masculine scent for the man in your life!

I laughed a bit as an acquaintance commented on the recent Burberry trend that he felt had invaded our campus. Perhaps there has been an influx of the distinctive camel, ivory, charcoal, black and red plaid (or check as Burberry calls it) in the past year or so, and perhaps the classically colored design is the new in thing among certain groups of our students … but I don’t think we can call a design house that’s been around since the mid-1800’s and a check that has been patented since 1920 a recent trend, now can we? However, his comment did make remind me that while I can’t afford their $295 wallets or $800 overcoats … I did buy a bit of the beautiful Brit brand a while back …

Burberry's Burberry for men 3.4 oz spray

Burberry of London introduced its men’s cologne Burberry in 1995 … though I only discovered it a couple of years ago while doing a little last minute holiday shopping. Perhaps if I frequented actual Burberry boutiques or were more of a fashion hound, I would have heard of it and smelled it sooner. But being a small town girl with no Burberry retailer nearby, I only noticed Burberry because our local Belks department store happened to have a table of Burberry fragrance items marked 40% off. So while the Elizabeth Arden representative rounded up my purchases, I stepped over to the sale table and snagged a bottle of Burberry Eau de Toilette Spray for my dear hubby. I sniffed it, liked it, bought it!

Sale or no sale, I wouldn’t have bought the fragrance if I had not liked the scent. I did like it and found it to be quite appealing. I seem to be drawn toward what I consider masculine, outdoorsy scents. However, I didn’t grow to truly love the fragrance until my hubby began to wear it. As good as it smells in the bottle, it smells even better on him. Since he often applies it in our steamy bathroom just after his shower causing the scent to waft throughout our house (or at least the upstairs part), I’ve almost come to associate the scent with his being clean and ready to go out somewhere special.

Parfumparfum.com tells us that this masculine fragrance contains ”bergamot, juniper, jasmine and is accented with patchouli, musk and cedar making Burberry perfect for casual use.

I can definitely identify the bergamot and I’m sure the juniper, musk and cedar are what give Burberry the crisp, outdoorsy, manly-man smell that I adore. I wouldn’t have guessed jasmine and patchouli, but now that I’ve read the description, I can see (or should that be smell?) where these slightly more floral, and dare I say feminine, scents come into play. But don’t let the feminine reference scare you away from this scent. It is definitely a masculine, manly scent. I think the slightly soft, traditionally more feminine, tones just serve to round out and perhaps accentuate the true masculinity of this scent … sort of a perfectly balanced Yin and Yang of fragrance.

For comparison’s sake, I would say that Burberry for men reminds me somewhat of Tuscany by Aramis. It’s not the exact same scent, but they do contain many of the same fragrance notes and tones. And, whereas, Tuscany smells wonderful on some men, but unfortunately not as great on my hubby (i.e. Pine-sol!) … Burberry smells wonderful on my hubby! Other scents that I like on men include the original Giorgio for Men, Chaps by Ralph Lauren, and even the original Polo if applied sparingly. I wouldn’t necessarily say these scents are exactly comparable to Burberry but somehow they seem to share some of the same fragrance notes and somehow fit into a category together. If you like these scents, you might like Burberry as well.

But don't think your man has to rustle horses or drive heavy equipment for a living in order to handle the masculine scent of Burberry. My hubby works in a restaurant and he definitely doesn't strap on work boots and head out to the back 40 to heard the cattle each morning. Nope, he's just your average Joe! Burberry might be the wrong fragrance for the extreme pretty boy types or the ultra sophisticated executive types ... but for almost anyone else, it may be just right!

The website referenced above mentions that Burberry is perfect for casual wear. I can certainly understand that, but I also feel that it is fine for day wear (to work, etc.) and I also find it to be a very appealing scent for evening wear. Perhaps it's not as exotic or seductively provocative as some other scents ... but it is definitely a delicious manly scent that I wouldn't mind smelling on my sheets the next morning!

Burberry for men is available in many forms such as Eau de Toilette Spray, Aftershave Splash, All Over Shampoo (body wash), and even deodorant. Gift sets are often available as well. The packaging is usually a red box with gold lettering and a bit of signature Burberry plaid trim either printed on the box, or as a ribbon tied around the box. The 3.4 ounce bottle of Burberry Eau de Toilette Spray retails for around $50-60 at full price but you can usually find a lower price for it on line or during sales at your local fragrance retailers. You can find Burberry at most mall department stores fragrance counters such as in Neiman Marcus and Macy’s … but you can also find it at discount stores such as Wal-mart and even at the fine fragrance counters at drugstores and grocery stores. Burberry also offers several variations on this men’s scent – Burberry Weekend, Touch by Burberry, etc. and several different women’s fragrances.

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