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Canon PIXMA IP5000 Digital Photo Inkjet Printer

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Canon PIXMA iP5000- Can a 4-color printer impress?

Feb 26, 2005 (Updated Mar 3, 2005)
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Pros:Professional pictures, Stingy with ink, Reliable, Size.

Cons:No memory card slots.

The Bottom Line: A 5 star printer for less than $200.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures, but always hated taking them in to get developed. Not because it takes both my time and energy, but because of the cost; the prices to get a high quality picture developed can be downright outrageous. When I received my Canon PIXMA ip5000 as a gift I was pleasantly surprised. I had been meaning to buy my very own photo printer, but because I had access to a variety of photo printers at both my work and school, it wasn't exactly a "must have" on my shopping list.


The PIXMA iP500 comes with quite a few cool features. Features include the following: The ability to print duplex, 2 paper trays, printing software that allows you to edit photographs, and direct photo printing (no computer needed) from PictBridge compatible digital cameras and DV camcorders. For much more info on standard features you can visit


Compatible with Windows XP/Me/2000/98; Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS X v10.2.1 to 10.3.x.

* Resolution- 9600x2400 max

*Print Speed- Max speed (black) 25 ppm: Max Speed (Color) 17 ppm

*Ink Tanks: BCI-3eBk Black, BCI-6Bk Black, BCI-6C Cyan, BCI-6M Magenta, BCI-6Y Yellow

* 34 dba of noise when printing in high quality mode.

* 14.7 pounds/ 16.6 " wide, 11.2" deep, and 6.7" high.

* 1,856-nozzle print head


Because this is only a 4-color printer (5-color if you count the pigment based black ink) I wasn't expecting anything more than just adequate prints. Like a book and its cover, I guess you also can't judge a printer by how many ink cartridges it has. Performance is nowhere near as poor as I had forecasted. On the contrary, the PIXMA iP5000 produces very impressive photographs, offering the quality and performance of a high quality 6-color printer and even comes dangerously close to offering the quality of Canon's own high-end 8-color i9900 photo printer.

While the PIXMA definitely cranks out best results using glossy paper, you can print photos on virtually any type of paper and still receive fantastic photographs. I usually print my pictures on Canon's own 4"x6" semi-gloss paper or Canon's 4"x6" high gloss paper. Both types of paper seem to enable this printer to produce the best color and contrast.

Since most of my photographs consist of scenic shots, it's very important to me to have them look as vivid as possible. Thanks to the PIXMA's ability to print using ink droplets as small as 1 picoliter (in highest quality mode), pixels are almost invisible. That said, the PIXMA iP5000 has the ability to produce beautiful true-life photographs.

In addition to offering high quality photographs, the Canon PIXMA iP5000 is also very fast. The PIXMA may not be the fastest printer the world, though it does print quite quickly; especially for producing such high quality photographs and text. According to Canon it can produce 25 ppm (max) in black and white and 17 ppm in color (max) (36 seconds to print 4"x6" borderless). Since I usually use the highest quality mode for every picture, I don't get quite such high rates of speed, but it's still faster than any printer I have used in the $200 price range

The Canon PIXMA iP5000 also is able to produce laser quality text (when set to the highest quality print mode). Even on the lowest quality setting this printer produces vibrant text; the same can't be said about most photo printers that retail for less than 200 dollars.

I only have a couple minor gripes with this printer. First gripe, this printer doesn't have the ability to carry external memory cards. Second, this printer isn't exactly the most solid on the planet. To explain, Canon has opted to use very thin plastics to create the PIXMA iP5000. While thin plastics make this printer lightweight, at the same it makes it feel novelty and fragile. This may not seem like too big of an issue, however haveing seen what can happen to cheaply made printers when they fall off of shelves, it's important to me..

Ease of use:

If you are a beginner to using photo printers, this printer might be a little tricky to get accustomed to at first. In no way am I suggesting that this printer isn't for beginners, it just takes awhile to learn the software correctly and to use the features. I had to print about 50 photographs to get everything right on target. Once you get accustomed to this printer it's a breeze to operate.


The PIXMA retails at 199.99, however you can find it for around 40 bucks less if you don't mind a refurbished unit. I I have had my Canon PIXMA for around two months now and have printed over 200 high quality photographs. In this time and usage I haven't had a single paper jam or any other problems for that matter. I forecast a very long life span for my PIXMA iP5000. If anything does go wrong with your new PIXMA iP5000, Canon offers a one year full coverage warranty (90 days for refurb units).

Ink Usage:

Perhaps the PIXMA's best attribute is how frugal it is with ink. I have used an older HP photo printer that can only print about 100 high quality photos before the ink cartridges need to be replaced. The PIXMA has given me an amazing 240 photos (4"x6") on one single set of cartridges! When the ink cartridges get low the iP5000 lets you know via a flashing orange light on the unit. Even with this warning signal you can still print for quite some time thereafter, though Canon suggests in the manual to change the cartridge as soon as it gets low. When a cartridge is completely empty a window will pop up on you computer monitor telling you exactly which cartridge needs replaced.

Canon's cartridges are fairly cheap at around $12 dollars each (not sure if you can buy them as a package at a reduced rate). When taking into consideration the cost of paper and the cost of ink, the final cost to print a high quality photograph is less than 25 cents each!

Final Thoughts:

If I wouldn't have received this as a gift I probably wouldn't have purchased the PIXMA iP5000 due to the fact that it's only a 4-ink printer. This is a shame because I would have ended up paying more money for a less qualified printer. In conclusion, the Canon PIXMA iP5000 is an excellent printer. I can't think of a better printer in the same price range. The PIXMA is fast, efficient, and offers excellent performance. If you are on the market for an inexpensive printer but don't want to sacrifice performance or quality, then I highly suggest checking out the PIXMA iP5000.

Thanks for reading!

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Amount Paid (US$): Gift
Operating System: Windows and Macintosh

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