JL Audio 13W7-D15 1-Way 13.5" Car Subwoofer Reviews
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JL Audio 13W7-D15 1-Way 13.5" Car Subwoofer

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My personal favorite subwoofer

Jul 18, 2007 (Updated Jul 18, 2007)
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Pros:Loud, great range, excellent blend of SQL and SPL

Cons:High Price, Needs a huge enclosure

The Bottom Line: If you have the cash, there are few better options. Just make sure you put it in a well-built box and don't underpower it.

Overall a spectacular woofer, the best I have ever heard or had personally. The price is high, but you pay for this type of quality. I'm running a 13w7 off a JL 1000/1 amplifier and believe me when I tell you, you NEED to give this sub its recommended 1000 watts RMS for the full experience. People who tell you a 500/1 or other similar amplifier will suffice are crazy in my opinion, 500 watts is severely underpowering this woofer. This sub does not distort, even at very high volumes, and holds up admirably even when pushed far beyond its recommended wattage. Anyone who tells you this (or really any subwoofer) will shatter windows is exagerrating but don't be surprised if you set off car alarms with this or have to replace cracked or damaged windows overtime (save yourself the trouble later and just install plexiglass when you get the sub, if you ask me). One drawback, possibly the only one to this subwoofer is the absolutely MASSIVE enclosure it needs to be in for it to sound good, and the enclosure (along with the aforementioned power options) is another thing that MUST be done right to maximize the potential of this woofer. Even the best subwoofers will sound horrible in poorly built boxes. Make sure someone who knows what they're doing builds your box. All in all, this is the best subwoofer i've ever heard with a perfect blend of SQL and SPL and my personal favorite subwoofer on the market. It CAN and WILL outperform every other woofer in its class so long as you give it the power it needs and build the right box, and if you're already going to spend close to $1000 on a subwoofer, I can't see any reason to opt for a cheaper/less powerful amplifier to run it.

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