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Champion vs. Omega

Dec 25, 2007 (Updated Dec 30, 2007)
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Pros:Omega = easy to clean, extracts more juice, space-saver

Cons:Champion = I can't stand this machine. Omega has spoiled me.

The Bottom Line: Check out the Omega centrifugal juicers before buying a Champion.

I have owned an Omega juicer for years, but wanted something with pulp ejection. I began researching juicers and kept running across the Champion Juicer. All the reviews said it was a snap to clean and made the best juice.

I went ahead and purchased the Champion based on this. How disappointing. I can only assume that many of the people who wrote glowing reviews never owned an Omega juicer.

The Omega's design allows you to put a glass at the base of the juice spout, and collect juice cleanly. The Champion's design is such that I have to put a bowl under it to collect the juice. Also, the bowl cannot be too big, because then you'll have the ejected pulp dropping into it, but it cannot be too small, because then your extracted juice will drip all over the counter. I end up making much more of a mess, and dirtying more dishes with my Champion juicer.

Also, the Champion's round feeder chute requires that I cut my fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces than with the Omega's rectangular chute.

Despite claims to the contrary, I have found that the Omega extracts much more juice than the Champion!

As far as the Champion's masticating action vs. the Omega's centrifugal force action, I have discerned no noticeable difference in the temperature of the extracted juice. In fact, I was juicing yams in the Champion, and that juice ended up coming out WARM!!!! Quite the opposite of all the masticating vs. centrifugal force arguments.

Finally, when it comes to cleanup, the Omega is far easier to clean. Not only is it easier, but the Champion's cutting/grinding part cannot be fully immersed in water. How ridiculous is that?

My ONLY complaint about the Omega is that sometimes when I put it an item with a thick skin (unpeeled zucchini, for instance), if I feed it too quickly, it will throw the balance off and start vibrating. I just hold it down and the vibrations subside rather quickly.

THE VERDICT: The Omega is a far superior juicer.

ADDENDUM: I am sitting here enjoying my glass of juice from my new Champion juicer, and as I was going through the juicing process, there were a few more things I wanted to point out.

1. The pulp kept backing up into the feeder chute instead of being ejected through then ejection port. This was very inconvenient, and is something I NEVER experienced with my Omega juicer.

2. The extracted juice had to be strained afterward, because it contained way too much pulp for my tastes. It shouldn't contain any pulp, but the filter screen gets clogged immediately and it is apparently not a good fit, because the pulp-laden juice somehow manages to drip past the screen into my collection bowl.

3. The Champion really takes up a lot of counter space. The machine itself is large, but when you add the pulp collection bowls to the mix, you're really left with no counter space, depending on your counter size, of course. Forget using this juicer if you have a small kitchen.

If this was my first juice machine, I fear it would put me off juicing forever. Fortunately, I was introduced to the Omega as my first juicer (not the pulp-ejection model). I think I'm going to get rid of the Champion, even though it cost over $200 and I've used it less than 5 times, and give the Omega 4000 a try. I'll let you know how that goes.

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