Craftsman 17761 Wet/Dry Vacuum Reviews
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Craftsman 17761 Wet/Dry Vacuum

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A Shop Vac That Has Some Muscle!

Mar 23, 2010
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Pros:16 gallons capacity, powerful 6hp motor, detachable blower, wet/dry, clip on hose

Cons:get's a bit heavy to carry around when full

The Bottom Line: Easily one of the best shop vacs you'll find on the market.  Won't beat the price either

I purchased this shop vac to replace my old and aging generic one.  Seeing as I have a workshop in my basement and I’m always working on messy projects, I wanted powerful and heavy duty vacuum that would last forever.  After doing some research I eventually narrowed my choices down to the Rigid WD1665, and the Craftsman 17761.  The vacuums were very similar in all aspects but in the end I went with the Craftsman because I’ve been satisfied with all their other products I own and it cost less than the Rigid.

16 Gal Capacity, Wet/Dry
6HP Electric Motor
Detachable Blower With 170MPH Velocity
2.5” Diameter Hose

My Expierence
This vacuum does a great job at cleaning up messes and is extremely useful in my workshop.  A lot of the newer woodworking equipment comes with a built in nozzle to plug your dust collection system into.  Unfortunately, good dust collection systems are expensive, and one for shop like mine would cost in the thousands.  By plugging this shop vac into a unit’s dust port, I’ve essentially mimicked the function of a dust collection system. It won’t support multiple machines at the same time, so I have to unplug the vacuum and manually connect it to the machine I’m using, but that’s a small price to pay.  Disconnecting and reconnecting the vacuum to another machine can be done within a minute.  Prior, to having this machine, dust would be released into the atmosphere and would settle everything.  Not to mention, I’d be covered in dust from head to toe, and wearing a facemask was almost a necessity. Why worry about sweeping the shop everyday when you can almost entirely prevent practically prevent it? I also find this vacuum really useful for clearing out your car.  I typically like to shampoo the carpet and mats in my work truck every couple months, and because this vac has the capability to suck up water, it works perfect.

At 6HP, this vacuum has the power to pick up anything, wet or dry. Rocks, woodchips, metal filings, even nails and screws are no match for this vacuum.  One real cool feature with this shop vac is that it doubles as a leaf blower. The top portion of the blower detaches and becomes a hand held blower. With a muzzle speed of 170mph this blower is comparable to many medium duty gasoline leaf blowers. I’ve used it to blow all the leaves in my backyard back in to the forest, but it does have the disadvantages being corded, (you will need an extension cord if you want to go more than 20 feet).  The Vacuum also comes with a variety of adapters and nozzles.  It comes with 2 solid extension wands, which are great for getting into hard to reach places.  It comes with an angled and tapered adapter, that both work well for corners and tight places. A wide utility nozzle and a squeegee nozzle are included as well.

While this is a big vacuum at a full 16 gallons, it is also very compact. All the adapters fit securely into the base of the vacuum when not in use. Another simple feature of this that I really like is how the hose connects to the vacuum. This vac has a little snap clip that keeps the hose in place and keeps it from coming undone. On other shop vacs I’ve used, the hose would always disconnect if you tugged on it to hard, and it becomes very annoying.  The unit weighs 25 pounds or so and can get pretty heavy as it fills up.  This isn’t a problem since it has wheels, but you may want to consider emptying it before hauling it up a set of stairs.  I should also mention that the filter has a long life span.  I’m still on the original filter after a year of hard use.  I recommend that you take it outside and shake it out every so often.  

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Amount Paid (US$): 100

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