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Cuisinart CSK-150 Non Stick Electric Skillet

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Why use the stove when you've got an EASY-TO-USE Electric pan?

Jan 26, 2009 (Updated Oct 29, 2009)
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Pros:Huge pan, heats evenly, cooks everything!

Cons:Teflon comes off WAY too quickly.

The Bottom Line: A must-have item in anyone's kitchen! If you are a mom, it saves you time!

I fell in love with electric skillets when my mother-in-law had bought me one for Christmas one year. I used it like crazy. It was a high-quality square one and stainless steel (no non-stick coating) and I was just thrilled with it. Nothing would stick to it, since it wouldn't get too hot like a stove does and it would clean up easily...

One day my husband goes to cook something for me but he turns the stove on with the electric skillet over it. He was spacing out and it burned up my electric skillet. I was so distraught over it and the in-laws once again wanted to buy me another one for my birthday. They came back to me and said that the previous skillet I owned was only available at Home Depot and they did not have it anymore (or only at Christmastime). So they told me to look up skillets and decide on one and tell them where to buy it. So I told them after much searching (in stores and online) that I wanted the one at Bed Bath and Beyond, this Cuisinart Non-Stick Electric Skillet (model no. CSK-150). It just looked perfect for what I needed.

Well, I got what I wanted...a great skillet! It has so many great features that it's amazing. It can go in the dishwasher or be hand washed (yes, amazing, isn't it?). It has a detatchable cord (unlike the very old versions where the cord would still be attached while you would try to wash it out). It seems super durable and has Teflon non-stick coating in it. It is oval shaped and can fit a good 6 or 8 burger patties.

The actual dimensions are 12" by 15". I like to cook items like ground turkey meat and I will put the lid on, and turn it to 250 to 325 degrees and just walk away. It has a tiny hole in the lid for the hot steam/air to escape. I will open the lid and then stir every now and then and I know it's safe and won't catch fire or anything while I walk away. It's great to use with or without oil but the company recommends that you oil it before each use. It comes with an instruction booklet.

At Bedbathandbeyond you can purchase it for $129 and other places for around $99 (like Amazon.com). I bought mine for $99 and it's pretty much worth the price, but that's about the high end of what I would pay for an electric skillet.

I would say that this would be an excellent gift for anyone with limited stove/oven use, so someone renting a room out, living in a motel, or dorm, or small space or someone even without a stove or oven. It replaces so many pans and I find myself using it for everything and even skipping using my pans on the stove. I use it for stir fries, pancakes, cooking up meat and you name it. Anything you can do on a stove (except boil water), I can do in this. It heats from warm up to 450 degrees. What I love is that the heating is even; more even than a stove would be...you know how you get those hot spots and cooler spots in pans? Well, you don't get that in this electric skillet.

It says dishwasher safe, but the downside is that it takes up 1/2 your dishwasher so it's just easier to clean out in the sink.

I put it in the dishwasher and before 6 months of use, it already has teflon spots that came off. This is what I HATE about Teflon. It's not from USING the pan, but when the pokey things stick out in my dishwasher, for some reason they poked the pan during a dish cycle and now there are these spots of where it rubbed off (minor) but still I can tell where the dishwasher racked left all the dots. Not good in less than 6 months worth of use! I may even call customer service over this (it does say it has a limited 3-year warranty).

I would like this pan even more if it were stainless steel (or had an option offered in this) without the Teflon. I'm just not the hugest fan of Teflon, it scrapes off eventually I don't care HOW expensive the pan is or how low of heat I use and it's just not good for my body.

The lid is gets HOT so when taking off the lid, ALWAYS use a hot pan holder. They could make it better by having made a silicone over the handle.

The lid gets hot condensation from the cooking. So always open the lid away from you, the steam will rush out the other side, otherwise you can burn your hands or face with steam and the water (which is super hot) can drip onto your toes and burn them. So I've learned to open the lid away from me and set it on the counter and to not dangle over my feet or near my body (ouch...burns if you do!).

Fully immersible in water, so dishwasher or sinks full of water is good.

The plug pops right out and you can store it.

The pan is huge, so you can cook a lot at once, yet store it nicely, too.

It heats evenly and cooks so much at one time.

Casseroles are great and easy to make in this.

You can cook and sort of walk way and let it cook itself.

You can adjust the temperatures and just seems so much better and easier than a pan and a stove.

I absolutely love and recommend it. An absolutely favorite appliance/item in my kitchen. I do have to take off a star for the teflon coming off in less than a year. Too bad, because I would like it to last more than 2 or 3 years. It's really expensive to have to buy often. I e-mailed them and they called me and I e-mailed again and they gave up. I wanted to talk about the teflon coming off (so I wouldn't put this in the dishwasher, it really takes it off faster). Other than that, it's pretty dang good.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 99

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