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Makes Ordinary Sandwiches GREAT in just minutes!!

Dec 12, 2007
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Pros:easy to use and quick


The Bottom Line: This great little sandwich maker makes every day sandwiches into something a little more special!

I have had this sandwich maker for several years. I use it in spurts, it seems. For instance, I’ve made sandwiches for lunch every day this week so far but before that, the sandwich maker had been stuck in a cabinet and forgotten there for at least a month. It really is a great little appliance though!

The sandwich maker
This little sandwich maker is small enough to store in my kitchen cabinets or to sit on my counter. It is large enough to make 2 regular sandwiches at a time. It is basically a heated press. The inside has two non-stick plates that have square shapes and each square is cut into a triangle with an indentation on the press.

Making a sandwich
Basic sandwich making in this appliance is very simple. It is suggested that you spray the plates with non-stick cooking spray before use so I do this and then plug it in. Plugging it in is the only way to turn it on or off as there is no switch on the appliance. A red light on the front tells you to wait and a green light tells you that the sandwich maker is ready for you to start.

You then simply take a slice of bread, add some fillings and another slice of bread on top and you are ready to go. You can cook two sandwiches side by side or you can simply do one if that’s all you need. If you use bread that is not square (i.e. rectangular) you may only be able to fit one sandwich in at a time. Close the top of the sandwich maker and latch the latch and the sandwich is cooking. It takes about 2 minutes but I always just check on my sandwiches to see when they are done to my satisfaction. The lights on the front of the sandwich maker do not help me at all in determining done-ness.

Turn every day sandwiches into “masterpieces”
I don’t remember if my sandwich maker came with any recipes or not because I have long since lost the directions however, I have learned that you can make an ordinary sandwich into a great sandwich with this appliance. Any sandwich with cheese is instantly turned into a “melt” as the cheese melts and gets all nice and “oozy” inside the sandwich maker. Some favorites are simply adding cheese to bread for great grilled cheese. Turkey or ham make nice additions to the cheese. Or if you like the exotic, mushrooms, onions, or other veggies make a nice addition.

This is going to sound strange but one of my favorite sandwiches in this sandwich maker is peanut butter and banana. It is awesome! The peanut butter gets all melty and it is delicious. My daughter likes peanut butter and jelly too. Just watch out because the inside gets very hot and it is best to wait a few minutes before eating.

This appliance cannot be immersed in water for cleaning. Most of the time, it really is not that dirty though, unless your sandwich leaks really bad. It is recommended to that you use a damp and or dry paper towel to wipe the sandwich plates clean. I find that this is more than sufficient most of the time. If I do have a melty mess in my sandwich maker, I use a damp sponge with a drop of soap to wipe the plates clean and then a sponge with no soap and then dry paper towels. I have never had a problem with cleaning this appliance.

My experiences
The sandwich maker seals the fixings of your sandwich inside of the bread for a nice warm toasty sandwich. I find that it makes every day lunches a little more fun for my daughter and myself. We love to experiment with new fillings and have found that we like most anything when put between two slices of bread in our sandwich maker. We have tried different leftovers and have had sandwiches such as grilled chicken fajita sandwiches, fried fish and melted cheese sandwich, and even meatloaf and cheese sandwich. There are only two things you have to be careful about when using the sandwich maker. First off, you can’t make your sandwich too full or the sandwich maker will not close and your sandwich will not seal. Second is that the inside of your sandwich WILL be HOT so let it cool a few minutes before eating and still be careful. We have found that we can make better sandwiches than those “Hot Pockets” in the grocery store for a lot less money!!!

I definitely recommend this appliance. It makes great sandwiches and it is really easy to use and pretty easy to clean up as well. It is small enough to fit almost anywhere. In fact, as soon as I’m done writing this review, I’m going to go check out the refrigerator to see what leftovers we have for our lunch sandwiches today! I think that there is some leftover grilled chicken…..YUM!

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