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D-Link DUB (DUBH7) 7-Ports External Hub

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D-Link 7-Port USB Hub

Oct 3, 2011 (Updated Nov 23, 2011)
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Pros:Fast Transfer Rate! 7-Ports! No Connection Dropouts! Green LED’s! Self-Powered!


The Bottom Line: This is one of the best self-powered USB hubs you can buy, and its your best bang for buck! Everybody is going to need more then 4-ports now days!

Back in the early days, all I needed were two USB ports, one for the keyboard and one for the mouse. Then not long after I needed two more ports, one for the new printer, and one for the scanner. My computer only has 4 ports in the back, so they were filled at this point.

About 4-years ago, I crash dived into the multimedia realm, only to find that I didn’t have enough ports on my PC. Now I needed a port for my MP3 player, and one for my new digital camera. So here I am constantly unplugging and plugging in other devices, just so I could hook them up, I feel like I am playing musical USB.

In this last year, I gained two more devices to plug in, an auxiliary keyboard and mouse, and I have plans to buy one of those large external hard drives this year. Not having enough ports is actually not the only concern. You have to also realize that with so many devices pulling in power, your eventually going to max your computer’s USB power limit! I decided to get smart and purchase this 7-port D-link USB Hub.

FEATURES: “Connect More USB Devices to Your PC or Mac” “Transfer Data at up to 480Mbps” “Works with Both USB 2.0 and 1.1 Devices” “Includes 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub, AC Adapter, USB 2.0 Cable, and Quick Installation Guide” “Windows and Mac Compatible” “Ports Light Up With LED’s”

PACKAGING: The D-link came packaged in a much larger box from Amazon with lots of rolled up paper inside to protect it. The package itself was inside a bubble wrap sleeve for extra protection. Getting the Hub out of the package was a little difficult, requires you to cut all around the package to get it out.

EXPERIENCE: Hooking this hub up was super simple, I connected the power to the hub, connected the data cable, and then the many USB devices. I have a total of 5 devices connected to it right now, 2-keyboards, 2-mice, 1-digital camera. The last remaining ports will be used soon, 1-PMP device, 1-external hard drive.

Because this USB hub is self-powered, that means that each USB device is getting all the power it needs. I can have 2-keyboards on it working simultaneously if needed, and the same goes for the two mice. Devices like MP3 players and digital cameras now have the ability to charge by USB, without the need for an external AC adaptor.

Again, because this USB hub is self-powered, the computer does not need to be on to charge the USB devices! Now that is an excellent feature, as I do not like leaving my computer on all night, just to charge my PMP or digital camera.

This USB hub is fast too, it may not be the brand new 3.0 USB standard (4.8GB/second), but does it have to be? This hub supports both USB 1.1 (12Mbits/second) and USB 2.0 (480Mbits/second). Which is a good thing because, most USB devices now days require a 480Mbit connection, in order to get anything done in time.

Because this hub is so small, the wires tend to want to yank it off of the desk. So I used my super man solution to everything electronics, double sided tape, YES! When the USB hub is all connected up, you will see green LED lights for the ports. It is a nice green glow that looks good, but not so bright to be annoying.

Before using the hub, I had problems with my computer dropping USB connections, such as this 10-year old Microsoft Intellimouse, that I am keeping as a backup. I figure I just had too many USB devices connected at one time, and my computer could not supply the needed power. I no longer have dropout connections with the D-Link USB Hub!

CONCLUSION: I like the color of the D-link hub, as it pretty much matches my SMC Baracade router. Having 7-ports in a USB hub is just an awesome thing, I love how fast the transfer rate is, and I love the green glowing port LED’s. With it being self-powered, I no longer have to leave my computer on to charge a USB device. So far I have not had any problems with it, and I give this hub a 5 out of 5.

UPDATE: 11-23-11
Since some of you were interested in weather or not this self powered USB hub by D-link could work with an external hard drive, I decided to do an update.

Western Digital Passport SE HD Review

I connected the WD hard drive to the USB hub, and my personal media player as well. I did two types of transfers to the WD hard drive.

I first copied 9-GB of data on two different Micro SDHC flash cards, from the PMP device, to the WD hard drive.

Because transfers from flash cards are slow, even at USB 2.0, it took just over an hour to complete. However, the process went smooth.

I then had about 10-GB of data on the computer that I transferred over to the WD hard drive. Because the hard drive is faster, it only took about 12-minutes.

Again, the entire process went smooth, even when both the hard drive and PMP device were both connected to the same USB hub. I highly recommend this D-link hub!

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