Worth it just for the SPIN! Great washer.

Nov 14, 2010
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Pros:Extracts TONS of water in spin, fits in car backseat, water and electricity miser.

Cons:Manual load transfer, washtub agitator unlike Sanyo's superior impeller.

The Bottom Line: A trouble-free version of a classic design, this washer will get you out of laundry jams, and with its spinner save more drying time than it takes to load.

I used this machine in an apartment which did not allow regular laundry to be installed. It runs near silent and cannot be heard next door or downstairs. This also allowed us to get away with doing laundry at 2 in the morning, and not getting busted or
written up.

It uses little water (10 gals) and only 250 watts of electricity, so it won't spike the bill and get you caught. It takes a regular plug and won't trip even a 15 amp fuse or breaker since it uses about the same juice as a color TV. It's about right for two people- a family of four would be pushing it.

The size is 17 by 27 by 32 inches. The unit rolls on wheels. Twin tub models work manually. You fill them with the hose and adapter connected to your sink (included) . You set the timer and wash the clothes- typically 15 minutes. Then you move the clothes from the
washtub over to the spin drum on the right.

The spin drum spools up to about 2,000 rpm and wrings the water out of the clothes- WAY more water is removed than with a full size washing machine. I liked this feature best, they dried quickly even on a rack. When spinning, the waste water can be pumped via drain
hose into the sink or back into the washtub, as desired. You repeat this procedure when it is time to rinse the clothes. If you are doing more than one load, you can save even more water by draining the rinse back into the washtub to start the next wash water.

Because the spin unit and wash unit use separate controls it is possible to spin the first load while washing the second. Also, because the spin basket has a timer, you can spin it for really long periods of time and extract almost ALL the water out before the
clothes even come out.

If you've used Sanyo's twintubs in the past you will be disappointed by the Danby's use of a central agitator, which is noisier than Sanyo's clever side impeller design. It also reduces capacity, ruling out most blankets. The truth is you can wash  blankets in the Danby, but you must mash them around with a broom handle or wiffle bat- no agitating those. The spinner easily accepts them, for what that's worth.  When spinning dense loads like these, the included spinner cap is a must.

Of course moving the clothes around from one tub to the other IS a hassle. But lugging them out of the house to the laundromat, that's a hassle too.

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