Disaronno Amaretto Originale Liqueur

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The original, and still the best.

Nov 29, 2005
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Pros:Delicious, not outrageously expensive, makes me happy.

Cons:None to speak of.

The Bottom Line: If you're looking for the best, this is it.

Di Saronno
Di Saronno is an amaretto (obviously). The thing that separates it from other Amarettos is that it's better. I'll spare you the history of Di Saronno, but it is said to be the original Amaretto. Amaretto is defined as an almond liqueur. But Di Saronno has so much more going on than just the taste of almond.

It comes in a lovely bottle that looks very nice on the liquor shelf and feels very nice in your hand. And the square top makes spinning the cap off lots of fun as well.

Whenever I open a bottle of something I've never had, the first thing I do is smell. Straight from the bottle comes a sweet, complex aroma. To my nose it has a very strong smell of cherry, hints of almond, and some other pleasant spices that can't be picked out, but you know they're there.

Compared to cheap Amarettos, there is no doubt that the flavor of Di Saronno is superior. Its sweet, but not too sweet. That's my complaint about most other Amarettos, is they're just too sweet. Like drinking a glass of maple syrup sweet. But Di Saronno is eating a maraschino cherry sweet. You taste the sweetness, but there's still plenty of other flavor to balance it out.

The overall taste of the drink, to me, is similar to Dr. Pepper. Obviously its not carbonated, and its a lot richer and has the mild warming sensation of the alcohol, but it has a general similarity in flavor to me. I know Amaretto is an almond liqueur, but I swear the flavor is very cherry tasting. The almond flavor is far more subtle.

The drink is spectacularly smooth going down. You barely notice the alcohol in taste, but you know by the warming sensation going down that it's in there. The flavor is too complex to really be enjoyed with food. Its really something to sit down with while reading a book or watching a fire, or something similarly relaxing. I also think you'd be doing yourself a disservice to mix it with anything. Although I'll admit that when I noticed it tasted a little like Dr. Pepper that I made myself a Di Saronno and Dr. Pepper. It was actually very good, but it just feels wrong to cover up the rich flavor by pouring into soda.

If you enjoy Amaretto, I don't believe money can buy a better product. Cheap bottles of Amaretto can easily be found for $10 or even a little less. Di Saronno is about $20 a bottle, maybe a tad more. I actually found it at Kroger of all places for $11. Don't know if it was a pricing mistake, but I stocked up. So is it twice as good as a cheap bottle of Amaretto? Absolutely. The perfect balance of flavors makes it all too easy to sip for an entire evening.

I must admit, Di Saronno is not my usual drink of choice. I really have to be in the mood for Amaretto. I'm more of a whiskey and rum drinker. But for the occasions that I do feel like Amaretto, there's simply nothing better out there than Di Saronno.

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