Emerson Radio Corporation CKS2237 Clock Radio

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Great Clock [Radio]

Mar 23, 2007 (Updated Apr 2, 2007)
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Pros:Bright easy to read display. Easy care-free use.

Cons:Older models may not handle daylight savings.

The Bottom Line: Great clock. Dependable, nice features, easy to use.

We have four of these clocks and really like them! The controls are well placed and easy to understand and operate. I've listed a few issues we've found below, but want to state that we are really happy with these clocks. It is great to have a clock that will automatically auto-set. Its great for more than just a power outage, such as you can unplug the clock to use the outlet for your vacuum, then plug it back in and it goes right back to the correct time! I prefer the green displays because they are bright enough for daylight use, but can be dimmed if too bright at night. They auto-dim in the dark, but a switch allows you to dim them further. The blue displays were too dim (in my opinion) even on the bright setting.

[Insertion in response to comments
The Radio: Yes, this clock does have a radio, and my neglect in mentioning it previously was only because I've never used mine and forgot it even had one. I discussed the radio with my wife and she says she uses hers daily and that it works great. The stations are clear, it has significant volume. The tone is standard for clock radios (which just means its sounds great as long as you aren't expecting it to sound like a surround sound home theatre system).

Here are the few negative things we encountered. None of these would keep me from buying one, and in fact are purchasing another.

1) On one of our four clocks, the display occasionally flickers/dims even when switched to bright. Wiggling the bright/dim switch makes it become bright again so I assume the switch is bad.

2) These clocks were all affected by the recent expansion of daylight savings and did not correctly update as they have in previous years. But, I searched the 'net and found a solution, and have added the instructions for changing the DST start and end dates to the bottom of this post. Since this clock is all about care-free use, it would be nice if the engineers would include auto-software updates in future models to handle this automatically.
[Update: I've added a link at the bottom of this review to a site providing instruction on changing the date that your clock automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time.

3) Surprisingly, all four of our clocks showed a different time right out of the box. This was explained in the manual, and is due to the ability of the clock to be manually adjusted (say, for those who want their clocks to always display 10 minutes fast). But, in my opinion, these clocks should default to use the broadcast accurate time on first use, and it should be made very obvious (such as a small LED mode-indicator) when the clock is manually adjusted away from that accurate time. It is not obvious.

4) I don't like the day indicators a separate LED for each day of the week. You can see the LED clearly, but cannot easily tell which day it represents. This isn't a problem when checking the time, but does become an issue when setting the alarm to wake you at 6am only on Wednesday.

I've never owned the perfect clock (I sure wish a manufacturer would ask for our input!), but this one comes as close to perfect as any I've owned.

You can find instructions for updating your Emerson SmartSet clock at the following link. It asks for your model and serial numbers and provides you with instructions for that model.

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