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Emerson EWD7004 DVD Player

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Emerson EWD7004 DVD Player: Good single disc DVD player

Sep 17, 2006 (Updated Sep 17, 2006)
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Pros:Small footprint, Digital audio, RGB component video

Cons:MP3 playback on CD only

The Bottom Line: The bottom line has a beta VCR.

I received this DVD player as a gift for Christmas in 2004. Since then it has been the only DVD player hooked up to my living room system. It supports digital coaxial audio out, so I can run DTS 5.1 surround through my stereo system and the sound is truly amazing for movies. It has a small footprint and can sit atop just about any other stereo component but I wouldn't put anything on top of it. It feels very light weight; almost as if the inside was empty. I have made sandwiches that stand slightly taller than this DVD player. If color matters, it is grey and not black like most stereo components but it is a sleek looking machine all the same.

Emerson EWD7004

This is a front tray-loading, single-disc DVD player. It has three LEDs on the front right of the unit that indicate power, play and disc in. The front left has the control buttons for play, stop, skip forward, skip backward, open/close and power. If you lose the remote control, you can still play DVDs using these buttons; however, you will not be able to access any other features than these. Most of the DVD players features are only accessible with the remote.

With the remote you can pause, go to menu, set up and A-B loop for the repeat function, fast forward/backward, turn on or off subtitles, change the set up language, turn on or off the display functions, access search mode, and access the audio features such as V.SURR which is virtual surround sound for DVDs that only have PCM stereo audio. You can also access the same controls that are on the front of the DVD player with the remote.

There is no front panel display on the unit itself, all diaply features are on the television screen and can be turned on or off with the remote.

Features and specifications

* Disc capacity: 1
* Height: 2.0 inches
* Width: 17.15 inches
* Depth: 8.3 inches
* Weight: Less than 3lbs.
* Supported media types: CD, CD-R, CDRW, DVD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DLDVD-R/RW, DLDVD+R/RW
* Supported file playback types: DVD, CD Audio, MP3 CD
* Surround: Virtual and DTS digital surround
* Video out: S-Video, Composite video and Component (RGB) video
* Audio out: Coaxial digital, RCA analog
* Supported disc languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Irish, and Portuguese
* Setup Menu Languages: English, French and Spanish
* Parental Control: 4 digit password

In The Box

* Emerson EWD7004 DVD player
* Remote control
* 2 - AA Batteries
* Owners manual
* S-Video cable
* Composite video cable
* RCA stereo audio cable

Menu navigation is fairly straigh forward and easy to set up the player. The default language is English but you can change the menu language to French or Spanish if necessary. All special features of the menu are only accessible with the remote, so don't lose it.

Personal Use

I have played more DVD movies than I can count including standard store-bought DVDs, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and dual layer DVD-R discs with no problems and smooth playback with one exception. On dual layer DVDs and store bought DVDs, when the laser reverses direction and starts reading the second layer the playback freezes for about a half a second while the laser changes direction. This is only a minor annoyance but it happens on every disc larger than 4.7GB. When playing an MP3 CD you can browse through the list of files and play the ones you want. You can also create an MP3 CD with a playlist and the DVD player will play the files in the order of the list.

I have also discovered that while the DVD player plays MP3 files, it will only recognize MP3 files on a CD, not on a DVD. I don't play MP3s on the player much so this is also a minor annoyance for me, but if you want to store over 30 hours of music on a DVD it won't play in this player. It does not recognize mini-DVD either. Mini-DVD discs are CDs with a DVD file format (Video_TS and Audio_TS folder). Again, this doesn't affect me much because I don't use that disc format on my home player, but I do make them for clients sometimes and I have to check them on the computer because this player won't recognize the disc format.

I have the DVD player hooked up with S-Video directly to my television and I use the coaxial audio output to send DTS digital 5.1 directly to my stereo system. The result is an acceptable video with awesome audio. Watching movies with DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1 will work with this configuration perfectly. The only reason I do not use the component video (RGB) is that I do not have a television capable of the technology. I am sure the video would be much better if I did.


This is a decent little DVD player and performs well for movies, audio CD and MP3 CD playback. There are more expensive players on the market that do not play any better than this one, so I feel I got a good product. This DVD player was a gift and I have no idea what the original price was, but I have seen it on Amazon.com for $49.99 so it is reasonably priced. If you need a simple DVD player for your home, this is a good buy.

Thanks for reading,
Gr8ful :-)

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