Konica Lexio 70 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera

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Konica Lexio 70 - Watch Out Sure Shot! Konica is on your Tail!

May 6, 2002
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Pros:Compact size, function buttons within easy reach of your thumb, Easy to Use

Cons:Function buttons are too close together

The Bottom Line: Looking for a decent compact easy to use camera? This camera may be for you!

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine was showing off her Konica Lexio 70 camera. Knowing that I am a big fan of another brand, she kept on bugging me about how great her pictures are with this camera compared to my Canon Sure Shot cameras. Since I love checking out cameras, she let me borrow her camera for a field test. I decided to use this camera during a get-together which took advantage of the 28-70mm focal lengths.


Lens: 28-70mm f/3.4-7.9
Shutter Speeds: 1.3-1/500th second
Focusing: Active-wide area to 1.4 inches
Film Speeds: ISO 25-3200. Default: ISO 25 (Non-DX coded films.
Flash: Approximately 17.5 feet at 28mm; 7.5 feet at 70mm range
Battery: One (1) CR2 Lithium


I will explain the features of this camera as the feature appears from left to right on the back of the camera.

Diopter Adjustment - This feature is located to the left of the viewfinder.

Mode Button - Using this button, you will change the various modes available to you. Modes are:
Red-eye Reduction - In theory, this feature will help alleviate red-eye in your photos. I am not a proponent of red-eye reduction features on point and shoot 35mm cameras because the idea is to get the flash as far away from the lens axis as possible. This is hardly the case with built-in flashes.
Self-Timer - This is your standard 10 second delay if you want to take photos when your eye is not behind the viewfinder.
Flash On - This function allows you to turn the flash on or off. I recommend you turn the flash on when shooting into a shady area or in dimly lit areas.
Slow-Flash Synch - Be careful with this mode. This mode sets a slow shutter speed of approximately 1/30th of a second. Use a tripod to steady the camera. If you don't, your photos will have a ghastly orange tint to it.
Flash Off - This is the only function I wondered why Konica didn't just place with the Flash On above.
+1.5 Exposure Value - You can set the exposure adjustment to +1.5 over exposure.
Landscape - Use this mode for distance such as landscapes.
Close-up - Use this mode for close-up photos such as flowers.

Date - Set the date using this button.

Zoom Toggle - Your thumb rests normally on this spot and is very easy to zoom.


To turn the camera on is very simple, just slide the lens cover all the way to the right until you feel or hear a 'click'. On some models of cameras, if you don't open this door correctly, the camera will not operate. Now the fun begins!

I tried to take photos in the same manner many consumers do, just point and shoot. I am very critical on sharpness but realize the limitations of a point and shoot camera of this caliber. I was quite pleased with small group photos of 3-6 people. Focusing on the center subject, focus was sharp and met my expectations. Close-up and portrait type photos were very acceptable. You would expect to see some flare or uneven focusing but the Konica's autofocusing system did a splendid job.

The flash was acceptable. Effective flash range appeared to be between 15-20 feet at 28mm and 6-8 feet at 70mm range. You will definitely see a flash drop off (where the picture appears to get darker) anything beyond these ranges.

Normally, I am a Canon Sure Shot fan. But Konica has done its homework and produced an excellent point and shoot camera at just under $150.

Like all cameras in its class, I am not a fan of the small little buttons you must depress to set various modes. But once you get the hang of the camera and its functions, setting these functions will become second nature. It took me about several hours to get used to this camera.


I would recommend this camera for grandparents or parents to have around the home to catch those Kodak Moments. The focal range is limited but offers excellent results. If you are going to take close up photos, this is an ideal camera to purchase. But if you also want a camera to capture those scenic shots of your vacation, I would recommend you look for a camera in the 35-135mm range.

But the Konica Lexio 70 gets my thumbs up for compactness and ease of use. You just can't beat the size of this camera!


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