Not bad... for a high school project

Feb 24, 2012
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And it does clean clothes.

Cons:Slapdash in too many ways.  See Review Body.

The Bottom Line: Judging by this one product I would avoid Frigidaire

Maybe we were spoiled by the little Italian front loader we used for 20 years -- once sold by Sears.  I learned to fix its common failure.  Worked like a champ.

But this Frigidaire (ours says model GLTF1670AS0) seems to me like a high school science project, lacking adult supervision.

Pour bleach in dispenser tray.  Does it hold it for later in the wash cycle?  No, it dumps it immediately on the clothes.  (It even says in the manual: do not put bleach in the bleach tray.  [Right.]  Wait around until washer is full of water, and then you can try your luck.)

Grasp a dial. 
Can you pull it out with damp fingers?  No, the teensy indents are slick.
Can you decide which way to turn it?  Only after you use a marker to mark that one minor dial increases clockwise, and the other its opposite.
In addition, the dial about the number of rinse cycles soon got marked "Hate soap residue?"  Needs two rinses.

But, hey, does this washer rock and roll!  Sorry, I mean it rocks.  And clangs, and acts demented, often unbalanced.  By comparison, I took out the little Italian job in pieces, and carried two substantial concrete weights they used to dampen motion.  While Frigidaire trusts to... uh, luck?  Yeah, it uses a pair of springs, but did you ever drive a car with springs alone, and no shock absorbers?  I have: persistent, undampened  motion.  What ever were they thinking?  At least take a machine from an established European manuafacturer and build on their wisdom!

Now our washer is starting the sqeualing that seems to indicate suspension/bearing wear, and repairs.  We do not use it that heavily!

Not ready for prime time.  Who needs these quircks?

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