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Jan 15, 2008
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Pros:Cooks quickly, some grease drains off.

Cons:Hard to clean, short cord, no temp control.

The Bottom Line: I don't recommend this grill. It is too hard to clean. There are similar grills out now that have removable cooking plates that are much easier to clean.

We received the George Foreman GR15BWI “Grilling Machine” three years ago as a Christmas present from my wife’s parents. At first, we were excited. Just think! If it’s raining outside, we can still grill indoors! And we did, and occasionally still do. But it hasn’t turned out to be the wonderful gadget we had hoped.


The George Foreman GR15BWI Grilling Machine is a roughly oval-shaped, futuristic-looking kitchen countertop appliance. It is predominantly a metallic silver color, with a blue plastic top that covers a bun warmer area. It measures approximately 15 x 11 x 6 inches on the outside, with two Teflon cooking surfaces inside, each of about 13 x 6 inches. The bottom plate slopes downward to allow grease to run off into a plastic drip tray which the user sets just under the front edge of the grill. Teeth protrude upward at the front edge of the bottom cooking surface to prevent food from rolling down the sloped surface and off of the grill. It has no ON/OFF switch. Power is applied when the grill is plugged in.


We started using the grill right away. At first, we just tried hamburgers and hot dogs. The Foreman grill did a pretty good job of cooking quickly and the food tasted okay. And, as advertised, some of the grease was drained away. However, I was beginning to learn the dark side of this appliance.

We moved on to try pork chops, never one of my favorites, so I was secretly pleased when they turned out a bit dry. Next, we tried a couple of good steaks, which actually turned out pretty good. The grill has floating hinges that allow you to cook fairly good-sized pieces of meat. Chicken breasts befell the same fate as the pork chops, and were difficult to unstick from the grill.

I have to admit it does cook food quickly and fairly evenly, although it is best to turn the meat once or twice. Before long, though, we were using it mostly for hamburgers and hotdogs. Eventually, we seldom used it at all because cleaning it was a real pain.

We tried the bun warmer a couple of times, and found that it dries the buns out. I considered spreading margarine on them first, but feared the possible additional cleanup problems that might occur.

Another drawback of this grill is that it has no temperature control. Once it’s plugged in, it heats up to its operating temperature and maintains that temperature. For larger cuts of meat, this sometimes cooks the outside too much and the inside too little. This has only occasionally been a problem for us, however.

Clean-up: What were they thinking???

I mentioned that this grill has a dark side…I should have said it has a dirty side. The cooking plates do not come off. The only way to clean this grill is by scraping the cooking surface with a little plastic scraper that came with it, then wiping it with a wet cloth or paper towels. The upper plate is the hardest to clean because of its position. It takes a long time and a lot of work to actually get this thing clean.


While I can understand why some people like this grill, it just isn’t very worthwhile in our household other than to cook hotdogs for lunch occasionally. The main reason we rarely use it for anything else is because of the amount of trouble that it takes to clean it. This is also the reason I’m somewhat hesitant to recommend this grill.

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