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George Foreman GRP99 Indoor Grill

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Way overhyped. Great for rubber chicken and steaks.

Jul 15, 2009
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Pros:Plates can be removed and cleaned easily.

Cons:Impossible not to overcook food which comes out rubbery and crispy.

The Bottom Line: This heavy, clunky grill does not make good tasting food. It is bland, overcooked and rubbery. Avoid this unless you are lazy or don't care that your food tastes gross.

As someone who hardly ever has the time or space to cook a real meal ... I am single, I have a small kitchen and a busy work schedule ... I heard about the George Foreman grill from a lot of college students with whom I worked. They swear by it ... so I figured I'd pick one up. What I should have realized was, the same college students who talked about how great this invention was are drinking beer that costs less than $10 for a case and eating Ramen noodles and Dominos pizza every night.

Based on the taste of the food this thing makes ... this may be a good product for you if:

1.) The first thing that comes to your mind when you open a can of Chef Boy R Dee is 'Mmmmmm'.
2.) If you consider the Cracker Barrel a gormet restaurant
3.) If your wedding reception was catered by Denny's
4.) If you smell your milk before drinking it ... it smells sour ... but you drink it anyways
5.) You enjoy eating at Phillips seafood buffet (see previous review.)

For those who actually care how food tastes ... this product would not be a good buy. As far as the Foreman Grills ... if you are a fan, this is the best one. The trays that you grill on are removable so you can wash them by hand or in the dishwasher. This is a huge time saver ... because the plates get really hot, they tend to get coated with a crispy layer of whatever sauce you put on your food. This layer is almost impossible to get off and results in many people ruining their grills by scratching the no-stick surface coating off.

This grill design eliminates that problem because they are easier to clean or put in a dishwasher. That feature is about as far as it goes in terms of how this thing performs. The main marketing features of this invention are:

1.) Save time cooking
2.) Its supposedly healthy because the fat drips off the meat and into a plastic tray
3.) This made George Foreman one of the richest celebrities to have endorsed a product.

This grill will save you time cooking because the plates get extremely hot. This is good because a steak will take about 5 minutes to cook. This is bad because the plates are so hot that the outside of the steak will be burned or crispy while the inside is raw, if the steak is fairly thick. It is almost impossible to cook a steak, chicken breast or other kind of meat without burning the outside and overdoing the inside. I don't think I have ever eaten anything off the Foreman grill that wasn't well done because it is so hard to cook a piece of meat through.

The annoying part is that the exterior on both sides will be crunchy because the juice almost forms a burned crispy type of coating. It is true the grill allows the fat to run out of the meat and down the tray. However, this usually leaves the meat dry and flavorless. Usually, if you are cooking chicken, it will be so dry, you will smack your lips when you eat it. This just does not make decent meat ... everything is dry, overcooked and fairly tasteless.

Hamburgers have the same sort of problem ... they are easy to make on the Foreman grill but lack taste because all of the fat is pressed out and also are very dry and aren't juicy like a hamburger should be. Also, it is difficult to cook different items on the grill because of the design of the lid. If you are cooking a thick chicken breast and a thin item, the thin item will not cook as fast because the lid won't stay on it.

You really should use a toaster oven or broiler if you want good tasting food. This is mostly marketing ... as most items that started out on infomercials are. If you believe that you'll get burgers and meat that are even 20% as good as something you'd cook on a grill, you are the most guillible person in the world. Even to expect something that tasted 20% as good as something that was made in an oven or on a stovetop, you will be dissapointed.

I noticed that on the marketing, the company has started to call these 'sandwich makers'. I think given the fact that people are starting to realize how bad these are at cooking meat, the company re-marketed them at making Paninis and hot sandwiches. Even though this same exact item was being sold as an 'indoor grill' for years.

These probably aren't bad for college students or someone who doesn't really eat food for the taste of it. The best thing it makes are burgers (and I guess paninis) ... but even that is pushing it. I'd avoid buying one of these ... but if you are a fan of the Foreman Grill ... this one is the easiest and most conveneient because of the removable plates.

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