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Loved it at first, but changed my mind

Nov 20, 2003
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Pros:Purees soup great!

Cons:Scratches up the pot! Continually depressing the on button can be tiring.

The Bottom Line: Taking it back to the store to try another stick blender.

I have arthritis due to lupus, and a recent edition of "Arthritis Today" recommended this Turbo Twister as making pureed soup so much easier: no more lifting heavy pots then ladling the soup into a blender, etc. Since I like to make a curried carrot soup, I thought the Turbo Twister sounded perfect for the job. I ran right out and bought one at Target for $19.99.

The Turbo Twister comes with a blender attachment and a whisk attachment. There were very brief instructions, but it looked pretty self explanatory to use: just twist on the appropriate attachment and press either the High or Low speed button at the top. That was my first pause: you have to depress the button the entire time or it turns off, like the pulse button on a food processor.

I know you folks like these descriptions long and detailed, but I hope you'll allow me to speed things up and just say that I was delighted at how the gadget pureed my soup. The magazine was correct about not having to go through that whole process of blending it bit by bit in a traditional blender. My arthritis wasn't bothering me that day, but the thought came to me that, while I certainly don't have to lift any heavy pots, continually depressing that button was a bit tiring--and certainly wouldn't feel good if my arthritis was acting up, since I have it in my fingers, not my shoulders.

But when we finished the soup a few days later, I discovered that the blender had scratched up the bottom of my non-stick (Tefal) pot. It's a good thing it wasn't new or I would have been EXTREMELY upset. But like an old car with lots of dents and scratches, I just shrugged and thought "oh well." I figured I must have been doing something wrong: perhaps I lifted and dragged the thing too much instead of just leaving it in place. Those too, too brief instructions didn't give any clues.

But I've used it twice more now, and no matter how careful I try to be, it still makes marks on all my pots. I was really dismayed to see it scratch up the old but sturdy spaghetti pot that was my mother's. It's probably 40 years old and never had a scratch on it, but now it's got these circles etched in the bottom of it.

It was just last night, watching "Good Eats" where Alton Brown used a stick blender for some concoction that I realized what the problem is (I think). His stick blender had about an inch of plastic extended down below the blade. This Turbo Twister's blade is much closer to the base--so much more opportunity for the blade to touch your pot. I decided then that I'm taking my Turbo Twister back. Even if it's too late, they'll probably give me a store credit. I'm thinking I might bring one of my pots with me to show them what the problem was.

Oh, and as for the whisk: I found it too messy. You really have to use it in a deep narrow bowl, but a traditional baking bowl won't work: batter will splatter all over the place.

And that's my story. Think I'm going to try the Braun Stick Blender that seems to have a lot of good reviews here on Epinions.

If I could add one bit of advice: this experience has taught me to be cautious about rave reviews from people who only just bought a product. I bought this Turbo Twister about 2 months ago. The day I first used it, I was so happy at how the soup turned out, I was ready to write a rave review right then--ignoring the marked up pot and the deal with having to hold the button on. But now I feel I've come to my senses: scratched up pots are NOT acceptable, and how in the world could "Arthritis Today" think having to hold a button on would be okay for people with arthritis?

Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 19.99

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