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Hamilton Beach Turbo-Twister 2-Speeds Blender

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Not a bad little blender, especially for the price

Jul 31, 2007
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Pros:two speeds, cheap price, pretty powerful, pretty quiet

Cons:useless accessories, hard to clean, not dishwasher safe

The Bottom Line: Not amazing, but decent for the price.

You can't expect miracles for 20 bucks! I bought this cheap hand blender (though not the cheapest... they had two below it) to see if I would like having one or if I was going to get a full sized model. The problem is that I live in an apartment and don't have room to store a full sized blender on the counter. I was planning on trying this one out (and then getting a refund for it) and buying a Russell Hobbs from Ebay. Well, almost a year later I still have my Hamilton Beach. I was satisfied with the overall performance enough to justify my laziness in taking it back for a refund. It is pretty quiet and that I like. I also like the fact that it has two speeds. I do not understand the reviewer who said it's tiring to press the button. What is this society coming to? The machine does the work, all you do is PRESS A BUTTON... how hard can it be? I've never seen ANY hand blender that stayed on all the time and that you didn't have to hold the button down for. They do that for safety reasons. I do not like the fact that the entire thing (motor housing, shaft and blade guard) is plastic. The only metal is the blade itself. The attachments are not dishwasher safe. When I bought it, that didn't matter because I didn't have a dishwasher at the time. Now I do, and it upsets me that I can't put them in. Anyone who has ruined theirs by putting it in the dishwasher is an idiot. Not only does it forbid it in the manual, it also says in big bold letters right on the shaft "DO NOT PLACE IN DISHWASHER". The blade attachment has gotten dirt on the inside of the plastic shaft (it's transparent) and I can't get it out. I even soaked it in bleach. Terrible design. It also comes with a whisk and a milkshake attachment. If you buy one of these, do yourself a favor and throw the milkshake attachment in the garbage pail as soon as you open it. It is useless and serves only to splatter goo all over the kitchen. The blades do a fine job on milkshakes. It also comes with a whisk. I've used the whisk when I was whipping cream or egg whites, but not enough to justify getting the Kitchen Aid stand mixer dirty. I've also used it to whip a small batch of mashed potatoes. Works fine for both purposes. I've used the blades for milkshakes and smoothies. Those are the two reasons I wanted a hand blender. I thought about using it for soups too, but haven't made any yet. It does a great job on bread crumbs as well, though the blade guard clogs and if you are using it just for that just buy a food processor. The directions say specifically DO NOT USE ON ICE. I use it on ice all the time. How else do you make a smoothie? It's worked fine for the year I've had it, and if it breaks I can certainly afford to replace it with a quality metal machine. It was only 20 bucks! It is powerful and blazes through anything I try it on.

A few problems worth mentioning:

I have noticed that Hamilton Beach enjoys putting plastic carrying cases with all of their hand held appliances. This one is no exception. Do yourself a favor. When you throw that milkshake attachment away, throw the case away as well. It is cumbersome to put everything back in the right place. The worst part is it's IMPOSSIBLE to open once you get it closed. You have to take a knife or screwdriver and pry the lid open. Useless. You buy an appliance like this to save you time. Using that case does just the opposite. It takes up more room to store that case than just to put the mixer in drawer.

Another thing to note is that the blade attachment falls off regularly during use. To install it, one must simply twist it to the right. However, when you are vigorously blending and turning the blender against the ingredients, you turn the blade shaft loose and off of the motor. This happens at least every other time I use it. Pretty annoying. I had to re train myself to just go up and down with it and not try to twist it.

The motor housing is hard to clean. It has a lot of seams and dirt gets in there like crazy. You have to scrape it out with a toothpick or just live with it. I've done both.

The words "Hamilton Beach" washed off the first time I wiped the the motor clean. Kind of speaks to the quality (or lack thereof).

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Amount Paid (US$): 20

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