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Clinique Happy 3.4oz Women's Perfume

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Fragrantly Playful!

Jan 17, 2003
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Pros:Gives you fresh and clean scent longer. You will get endless compliments from everyone.

Cons:It's such a popular fragrance.

The Bottom Line: If you haven't tried Happy, stop by the Clinique counter and sample it. You'll want to buy it! Add Happy when you dress to impress! The Exuberance is worth it!

I first smelled Happy when a close friend of mine would always wear it. I would find myself continually telling her that she smelled wonderful. I even once or twice told her that she smelled delicious. She would laugh and tell me that she was wearing Happy by Clinique. I would go by the Clinique counter and sample the cologne, but being the unique individual that I am, I would not buy it.

I usually don't like to do the same things that my friends, sisters, or close associates do. I generally am the one that sets the stage not imitate the characters on stage.

I held back as long as I possibly could, then one day I brought down and bought a bottle. I love my Clinique so much that I sweet-talked my husband into getting me the gift set. My gift set included the 3.4oz cologne spray, shower gel, and body lotion. I hit the jackpot thrice.

When using the shower gel, body lotion, and cologne, I smelled even better than I did before. I received numerous compliments from women as well as men. You know the ole adage that says, "when you feel pretty, you are pretty" or something like that. Well, I feel really pretty when I am wearing my most capable and spectacular outfit and I am wearing cologne that gives me much attitude.

I have a very bodacious personality. If I am in a playful mood, my cologne has to represent that; it has to be catchy. If I am in a glum mood, it has to be subtle and low key. But I am generally happy-go-lucky, so my cologne has to be taaa-dow! Right there (not overbearing, but like a wisp of fresh clean air, but so subtle that being in a professional office it fits right in).

I have worn all types of brand name colognes that I bought because they smelled good at the time. After I put it on I would always have to carry body spray or the cologne itself in my purse to freshen it up. After two to four hours, the cologne would be non-existence (because it would seem to dry up). I would feel naked (literally); I feel self conscious if I go out without cologne on. It is almost like forgetting your deodorant; even though you know you won't work up a sweat, you are bent on having that little bit of assurance that you are alright in that department.

I can go all day and still smell Happy when my day is done. I don't have to dig in my purse or my gym bag and get out a fresher. After the gym, I will use the Happy stick cologne just to bring alive what my shower gel initiated.

Clinique did good by creating happy! If you have a naughty personality, you really should try happy. Happy is a great scent all ages. It can be playful for the teens; it can be professional for the executive; it can be sporty for the athlete, it can be seductive for the lady going on a date, it can be sexy for women of all ages. It is also economical for what you are getting!

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