HP LaserJet 3030 All-In-One Laser Printer Reviews
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HP LaserJet 3030 All-In-One Laser Printer

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HP 3030 laser printer/scanner/fax machine.

Sep 14, 2004
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Pros:Excellent, fast, great printer/scanner/fax machine.

Cons:When printing 30 or more pages at a time, some condensation develops.

The Bottom Line: The bottom line is that HP is a trustworthy printer and you get what you pay for!

The HP 3030 laser printer/scanner/fax machine gets the job done fast and professionally! I bought this laser printer because my Brother printer/scanner/fax was a BIG MISTAKE. I recently started my own transcription business at home and needed to get a new printer. I went to Staples and checked out a few of the printers available. I knew I wanted a 3 in 1 printer and came across the Brother 3 in 1, which the clerk recommended. It was $300.00 Canadian (now available for $150.00!!!) and about what I wanted to spend at the time. I decided it was for me and loaded it in the car. When I got home and set up the printer, it looked great. I really liked the look of it. Using it was another story. I think the ink lasted me for about a week. I was constantly running to Staples for more. The print was terrible, there were lines allover the place missing and gaps missing. It then decided it didn't want to print envelopes and I was running to my mom's to print them (a big wast of time). I told my mom about it and she thought I should return it and shook her head at me for buying a Brother! We took it back and exchanged it for another exact printer because obviously something was malfunctioning. (I was very angry!). Took the second Brother printer home and had the same damn problem. At this point I had had enough. I brought the bloody printer back and requested a refund. We decided to go with a laser printer 3 in 1 for the amount of work I produce and the amount of ink and $$$ I could save. I thought I would go all out and spend the $800.00 Canadian at Staples for a laser printer. I do not regret it at all! The laser is quite a lot bigger and takes up some room than the regular ink jet, but the bigger the better in this case! I was worried I had spent so much and it was not even a color printer, but boy I was wrong. This printer was so easy to set up. The fax works great. The scanner is a bonus. The print quality is the best I have ever seen and it is so so fast. In seconds, you have a printed page. This is the best printer ever. Would I buy it again? - YES. I really recommend this printer. The only downside I found is that after printing about 30+ copies, some condensation develops right above where the printed copies come through. This only has happened twice and not sure if this is something other printers have problems with. Again, this is only when printing a large amount of copies because it just gets warm from working so hard. I had to reprint a few copies once because I could tell something wet had been on the paper in a few spots from the condensation. Most people would not be printing this much, (I don't think at once) so I doubt you would have this problem. Also, the printer is not a color (color was like double the price I paid) so that sorta sucks, but I am thinking of just picking up a photo printer only for a reasonable price. All around, this is an awesome printer. You can program your fax numbers easily and it comes with a great instruction book on everything. Very simple to use. I have had this printer for over 7 months now and it has not jammed, not even once!!! Imagine that! Overall, I recommend this printer to anyone that is looking for speed and great quality. The lesson I learned is to STAY AWAY FROM BROTHER PRINTERS and to trust HP!

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Amount Paid (US$): 800.00
Operating System: Windows

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