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I Lived Like a King, but Paid Like a Pauper

Jan 28, 2002
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Pros:Luxury, decadence, and absolute pampering

Cons:I don't want to check out!

The Bottom Line: Service without parallel, an unbeatable location, and attention to every possible comfort--that's Hotel Marquis Reforma. AND MORTALS CAN AFFORD IT!

I'm positively kicking myself for not staying at the Hotel Marquis Reforma earlier! This hotel is not only a wonderful place to stay in its own right and at any price, it'salso one of those bright gems in the hotel business that I consider to be an absolutely incredible bargain!

No, it's not the rock-bottom cheapest place in town -- but it's not unaffordable either, yet the quality and service is at a level that even hotels like the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton do not always match. Snag the "Weekend Weekend" rate and you'll be basking in a hotel that offers Rolls Royce quality, but you'll be paying Volkswagen prices -- I kid you not -- the hotel is that good a deal!

I'm almost reluctant to post this review because if too many people know about the Hotel Marquis Reforma, I'll either have trouble getting a reservation next time or the management will realize that they could easily hike the rates and still have the best hotel bargain in Mexico City. But enough chitter-chatter, let's get down to the straight scoop.

Modern in Every Sense of the Word...
The Hotel Marquis Reforma is a seriously modern hotel, built in the early 1990s. The architecture is what I would call George Jetson modern, and no, that's not a bad thing. I don't especially care for modern architecture that's essentially a huge glass box. To me, there's no design skill in that. What I like are buildings with some flair and distinction. I like the looks of buildings like the Hotel Marquis Reforma, with it's huge expanses of curved dark glass, and with its graceful brick arches with inset rounded windows. I like that the building is tall enough to be imposing, but not so tall that it seems unnatural.

The modern look extends to the interior as well, but its a modern look that's done tastefully. The huge leather sofas and chairs and luxuriously thick carpets just naturally fit with the polished wood trim and the faintly rustic looking floors. It's modern, but it's also soft and muted and classy.

Strolling through the hotel's lower level, I'm amazed at the extent of the services offered by what is essentially not a very big hotel (only about 200 rooms, roughly half of which are suites). Let's see, the de rigeuer gift shop, a beauty shop with a separate barber shop for men, on-site pharmacy, newsstand, etc., etc. They have a large open-feeling restaurant called La Jolla which looks like a stunning place to enjoy a meal. I didn't eat there though because one look at the menu told me that dinner for two would cost about what the room cost for one night. A little pricey for my tastes. I did try their smaller informal coffee shop yesterday morning and even though it was a pretty pricey cup of joe, it was also strong and smelled like freshly roasted beans, so I didn't mind spending the few extra pesos.

The hotel has a good-sized fitness room with plenty of weight machines, cycles, treadmills, etc. They also have a hot tub spa and offer massages. The only downside to all this was that the area was under renovation and some of the services were unavailable. We were told that they are adding an indoor pool and expanding the spa and that the renovations will be done within a few weeks. Oh boy! More pampering to look forward to on our next trip!

Cozy, Comfortable, and Pampered...
I don't want to leave!

This room has to be one of the nicest, most comfortable, most well-equipped standard hotel rooms I've ever stayed in.

It's bigger than most standard rooms and the view is nothing to write home to Mom about (actually, it's an interior room that faces onto the central courtyard). While I would rather have a view of the hustle and bustle of Reforma, I'm sure not willing to pay extra for it, and besides, being away from the street side means I'm less likely to be bothered by street noise or lights (although the hotel is so quiet that I can't imagine anyone getting a noisy room).

I've got a big king size bed that's super firm, but with one of those pillow-top things so that it almost feels like I'm sinking into an ocean of down. The pillows are goose down and feel unbelievably soft and luxurious. If ever there was a bed that made me want to eat breakfast in bed, this is it!

The bathroom is super modern with polished marble floors and counter top, it's got super thick towels and a terry robe hanging on the back of the door. Now that's an amenity I could get used to! Unbelievable! It's also got a phone next to the toilet! "Hi, Mom! Guess where I am? Yeah -- I'm calling you while sitting on the dumper! Oh sorry, more info than you needed...uh-huh...I'll call you back later."

What else do you want to know about? The room has it all. Cable TV, check. Spectravision thingy for watching pay-per-view, check. A/C, check. Individual safe in each room, check. Mini-bar, check. Check, check, check, and yes, check. Hey! Big fat local paper in the morning! Bonus!

I love getting a good newspaper in the morning, and the Hotel Marquis Reforma didn't let me down. Even with the weekend discount rate, I woke up in the morning to find a copy of La Reforma laying outside the door. Excellent!

Location Can't Be Beat...
I love being in the heart of the city no matter where I'm travelling, and the Hotel Marquis Reforma offers one of the best locations in the city, right in the heart of downtown on Paseo de la Reforma -- a mere stone's throw from Chapultepec Park. You're walking distance to the park, to museums, to the shopping district of Polanco, and to a Metro stop if you want to explore further afield.

There are a lot of world-class hotels in the vicinity, and just to give you an idea of what kind of neighborhood we're talking about, you're also close to the JW Marriott and the Presidente Inter-Continental. This is a big bucks part of town. This is where I want to be.

I'll Be Back!
There's a lot of reasons to like the Hotel Marquis Reforma. It's a truly first-class hotel that offers every convenience and service you can imagine. It's a place where true service is an ingrained part of business as usual. It's a place where guests are never treated like customers, but rather like esteemed family -- better make that royal family.

Being the World's Cheapest Traveler (tm), what I like best is getting all this excellent service and first-class rooms at a deep discount rate. I paid US$110 per night this past weekend (I'm not talking five years ago here folks...) At prices like that, a luxurious urban weekend getaway doesn't even constitute a "splurge".

Mexico City's luxury hotels often offer really great weekend rates (see my review of the Inter-Continental), and when they do, they are among the world's true hotel bargains. The Hotel Marquis Reforma is definitely in that league. This is a room that you would easily pay $400 a night for in any U.S. city, but even during the business week, you can snag it for $200 -- just check Expedia if you don't believe me.

My bottom-line opinion is that the Hotel Marquis Reforma is THE best hotel bargain in Mexico City. Check in and check it out!

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