JVC: Cheap isnt always bad.

Jan 7, 2005 (Updated Jan 8, 2005)
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Pros:Cheap, Easy to learn, good sound quality outputting, plays CDs

Cons:Cheap (not as reliable), no MP3 play back, setting time can be difficult

The Bottom Line: Great model for people that want to play CDs and not want to spend a lot of money on a head unit.

To start off I bought this about 2 years ago. And I did so because I was tired of my 95 Tarus’s factory head unit, which was just a standard cassette player, no CD. The only good thing about my old head unit was that there was a separate place where I can change the volume and radio station. Other than that it rather sucked, so I ended up needing a new head unit, plus since I got my new subwoofers they didn’t plug into it so that was another reason to get it. I mean I was tired of having to use a cassette adapter with a portable CD-player to listen to CD’s.

Also when I was looking for a model I was basically looking for the cheapest but that also sounded good. So at Best Buy they have all those head units on the wall and I tested a few and this sounded the best, plus it was only 100$

A few Specs:
45 watts X 4 peak power
CD-R playback
One pre-amp output
Detachable faceplate

The detachable faceplate didn’t really matter that much to me as I didn’t really need to (it is more for security I think?). But since I drive a beat up car that is not and issue for me.

Other Specs
Adjustable Bass, Treble, Balance, Fade – which comes with a button that cycles through a few predetermined settings (rock, soft, rap). This setting I do believe only really changes treble and bass.
Loud button which increases the more indistinct sounds and the bass, which I always have on because I have subwoofers.
It has a total of 18 fm stations and 6 am, you can hit the fm button up to 3 times to get to the different 6 that you can choose from the bottom.
There is mute buttons, which if you hit once will reduce the volume say half way, and if you hold it down it will turn off.
On the fare right side is the volume button with a middle pivot so you can press the top part of it and the bottom part with different results (top for increasing volume, bottom for decreasing) as well the volume on this model is very nice I noticed at about 17-20 is where I got great sound out of it at just the right for me, and it goes up to 40 or more.
The left side of the unit contains another button that pivots in the middle; this is used for seeking while playing a CD or seeking through radio stations.

Starting off general use of the radio; as I said there are a total of 18 Fm and 6Am stations that you can set. There is no auto seek button on this, just a regular seek button on the side which is a big button that pivots in the middle so if you push the top part you go up and push the bottom you go down. From what I noticed most of all the stations come in, and the come in fairly clear and crisp not a lot of static.

CD-player part of this:
The CD player is one of the main reasons I purchased a new head unit. This is a one-CD unit you can’t have more than one CD in at any time. For functions on the CD player it works fairly well you have repeat, random. There is no stop button, or pause though.

The main good thing about this is it doesn’t skip, at least not for me, first my car has terrible shocks and I live in Michigan, near Detroit. The streets are the same as if I was taking my car off roading, and I have hit some big potholes with out my CD player skipping a beat.

However I not sure if it is with just this model or if all head units suffer from if CD’s are really cold. I’m talking it is below freezing out side and you left your CDs in your car that sometime my head unit will make a lot of skipping noises and sound really weird.

Sound Quality: This I am not entire sure how to judge, I noticed it was able to be very easily change from the bass to the amount of treble. Since my speakers are different in quality I have 2 cheap ones in the front and 2 good ones in the back I needed it to be able to be able to create great sound through both speakers. It was able to do that easily how ever do have it faded towards the back of the car. Also it is great use of my subwoofers, however you can’t really hear the subs till you push the loud button unless you turn the volume way up.

Final Thoughts on the product:
The model was fine for what I needed it provided, the ability to hook up subwoofers and play back CD’s with good sound quality and good ease of use. This was well worth the money I spent, and I would recommend it as a player for people that want to play CD’s but at a cheaper price.

*Update: Corrected Grammer, and Spelling. what i could find atleast

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