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Jägermeister: Black Liccorice Flavoring With A Sickening Twist

Mar 27, 2004
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Pros:Nice Aroma, Body, Appearance, Supposed Herbal Qualities

Cons:Easily Can Make You Sick, Flavor Sometimes, Best When Chilled

The Bottom Line: While Some Love Jagermeister, I Personally Dislike It.

My experiences with Jagermeister have been limited throughout the years, until just recently. I've heard many stories from friends and family alike about this liquor, but I didn't get the chance to try it until just recently when I was offered a sip from a friend. There seems to be no tranquil opinions on this beverage, as the people I've spoken to about it either hate it, or they love it. Either way, I've actually seen arguments start on the basis of Jagermeister preference. With that said, Jagermeister seems to be very popular amongst the college crowd (which I belong to) and so being the raging conformist that I am I've given it more than a few chances to win me over. What I discovered about this though, is that there are few liquors (and I mean very few) that I would not choose over this West Germany drink.

I can't exactly call myself a fine connoseur of liquor, because in all honesty I'm a college student, and can't really afford to buy the expensive varieties. The Price for a bottle of Jagermeister varies from place to place, but I find it for around $20 with most of the places I see it at. The price tag is a little steep for my budget, and Jagermeister is not something that I like, so I doubt I will ever buy a full bottle for myself in the near future unless of course my taste preferences undergo a radical change.

Visual Characteristics
When I was first offered a sip of Jagermeister I willingly took it into both hands and inspected the bottle. The package looks similar to the old fashioned bottles of cough syrup and other medicine, which was an immediate turn off. The bottle is a sickly clear green that reminded me of the color of a swamp. The label contains a picture of a deer with a cross over it's head. Overall I wasn't impressed by the overall appearance of this bottle.

Despite what it felt like in my mouth, the liquid looks pleasant in a glass. What's also deadly about this is that upon smelling the stuff I found that it also has a pleasant aroma, but these two factors do not determine if the flavor is pleasant or not. Jagermeister is not as thick as I was expecting, and was just about the right thickness to fit my preference. The dark caramel colored liquor looks far less inviting from inside of the green colored bottle.

Jagermeister may have a pleasing aroma, but the flavor seems somewhat off from the smell. Upon taking my first sip I was immediately disgusted with the greeting Jagermeister gave my tastebuds. To me the stuff tastes like black liccorice, but it burns the flavor into your tastebuds in an overwhelming and unpleasant manner. I for one tend to like black liccorice, but not in this case. The flavor doesn't seem to linger as much as most other liquors, but it left my throat and stomach burning for a few minutes after drinking it. There are three particular flavors that my tastebuds pick up while drinking Jagermeister; vanilla, black liccorice, and the bitter alchohol.

I took my first sip on an empty stomach, and I felt the immediate need to lie down because my stomach began to burn. It took only a few minutes to recover from this first experience, but I ended up avoiding Jagermeister for the rest of the night. Later experiences have shown that drinking on a full stomach helps myself much in avoiding getting sick quickly. I read somewhere that Jagermeister helps with digestion, but I honestly haven't noticed anything when drinking it. The aftertaste Jagermeister leaves is nearly as bad as the burning sensation it leaves on the way down. The alchohol and black liccorice are the two most noticeable sensations in the aftertaste, but it is very unpleasant. This is why I recommend following up a shot with another alchoholic beverage, beer seems to work well with me. Usually I take just two shots of Jagermeister and then avoid the stuff. It doesn't take a lot of work to overdo it with this brand, and I can only imagine what consequences would be paid for overindulgence.

I have a hard time stomaching Jagermeister unless two pre-requisites are met. I must not be on an empty stomach, and the Jagermeister must be served cold. I recommend storing it in a freezer, or even a refrigerator, but I recommend against drinking at warm temperature. Although I haven't tried it yet, I imagine that Jagermeister wouldn't be half bad after being heated slightly.

What Jagermeister Goes Best With
Personally I cannot think of any food that would go well with this stuff. Jagermeister feels more like something you would serve right after eating, because of it's digestive properties. Personally I prefer drinking a shot of Jagermeister along with a beer, both being seperate from each other of course. Remember not to overindulge into the stuff; this is one of those liquors that you certainly need to drink responsibly due to the high alchohol content (70 proof, 35% alchohol).

Final Recommendation
I know many people that enjoy Jagermeister, but I personally do not recommend it. There are only two reasons why I would recommend Jagermeister, one is if you enjoy the flavor and general feeling, and the second is that you should drink it if you are trying to get drunk, which I don't recommend.

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