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Michael Jordan Michael Jordan 3.4oz Men's Eau de Cologne

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Michael Jordan Cologne: Game Day

Feb 13, 2003 (Updated Feb 17, 2003)
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Pros:A sweet smell that I usually wear before a game

Cons:Doesn't have the bite of the more popular colognes

The Bottom Line: MJ cologne is a nice, fresh cologne that does it's job.

I honestly don't know how to review a fragrance. I figure that I'll just review it like I review everything else. Add a personal story, talk about the price, maybe try to describe what I'm reviewing, and just be silly.

I don't entirely remember the year the cologne came out, but my guess would be 1999 (actually shadesofblue alerted me that my memory is off and the cologne actually came out in 1996, which is in fact correct). Michael Jordan was making the transition from the game of basketball to a business man. Always successful with his Jordan Brand of clothing and basketball shoes, he decided to take it to the next level with his Michael Jordan cologne. My buddy Eddy and I are huge Michael Jordan fans. We buy the gear, the shoes, and most things related to MJ. So of course when we found out the cologne was on sale, we marched down to Macy's, pulled out our Macy's cards, and bought a cologne we hadn't even smelled yet. Of course, it really didn't matter. As long as it didn't smell like horse manure, we were ok. It was going to be a shelf item, more like a collectible for us.

However, when we did pull it out to test, we were really surprised. The smell was sweet, yet light and was actually wearable. My wife doesn't really like it as she's more into me wearing the trendier and more fashionable fragrances, but every once in a while I'll catch her telling me that I smell good and when I tell her what I'm wearing, she usually gives me an ugly face.

While I don't usually wear it to work, I do wear it out, usually when I'm in casual clothes. If I'm geared up in my new Jordan's I'm usually wearing the MJ fragrance. But actually, I use it more when I step on the court, or on the baseball field. You would wonder why I would wear cologne when I'm just going to be active. A wise old man (Karl Malone) once said that in the locker room, you never want to be the stinky one. It's true, it's true, it's damn true. If you've ever been in a locker room, some people are so funky that they could fog up mirrors without breathing on them. I had one specific basketball playing partner who would reek of awfulness and then use it to his advantage because no one wanted to guard his wrenchful self. He even got a nickname that he probably doesn't even know he has. B.O. Patrick. After playing with people like B.O. Patrick, I made sure I was the cleanest guy to step on the court. I made sure I showered, was laced with deodorant, and threw on some MJ cologne for the females. Ok, in intramural basketball the only females usually there are the ones rooting for you already, but still, you get the point.

I now take that same style to the baseball field. Before every game, I have my cleansing ritual and then I throw on my MJ cologne. It's almost like habit now, a good luck charm perhaps. But I've never heard anyone complain that there was a foul odor exuding my body, at least on the baseball field.

Michael Jordan cologne, I'm guessing was simply bought by fans who were lemmings to his every move like Eddy and me. But the product is solid and I remember only paying $23 for it. My MJ cologne is probably on it's last year, so soon, I'll have to go grab some more.

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