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Kolcraft Wrangler Fierce Standard Single Seat Stroller

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Jeep Wrangler Stroller; Keep on Strollin’ In All Weather

May 16, 2007 (Updated May 16, 2007)
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Pros:Jeep Logo, light-weight, one-hand fold, easy to push

Cons:awkward storage, short stride, small sun-shade

The Bottom Line: Baby's first Jeep! A little quirky but fun to stroll.

It's inevitable - where there is a baby in the house, you will usually find at least one stroller, in many cases two or three. The choice usually comes down to three options; a regular stroller that sometimes comes as part of a travel system (the mid-size or luxury model), a jogging stroller (the sport model) and an umbrella stroller (the compact model). The Jeep Wrangler All Weather Stroller is considered an umbrella stroller because of its light, compact design.

Baby's First Jeep Wrangler
Wrapped up under the Christmas tree, my son received his first Jeep when he was just under 4 months old - The Jeep Wrangler All-Weather Stroller. Of course we had to try it out shortly after getting it home, so we pulled it out of the box (no set up required), attached the sunshade and a strollin' we went. At that time with my son being small, his little legs stuck straight out. Later on that summer, around 7-10 months, he began to sit much more natural. Even though the seat may look small at 19 the little man still sits very comfortably and enjoys his Jeep. The Wrangler is made to carry up to 35 pounds.

Does That Have A Hemi?
Oh wait wrong brand... Sporting the Jeep logo in several places, this stroller has a light-weight aluminum frame that is very sturdy and folds fairly compact. Our particular model is black with yellow trim and practically lives in the trunk of my Dodge Stratus (which does NOT have a hemi). The two padded handles rest at a comfortable height for myself at 5'4" and my hubby at 5'9" doesn't seem to have much problem either.

For safety, baby is strapped in with a padded 3-point harness. The harness is difficult to adjust (so don't try to do it with baby in the seat) but also adds to its security. I feel this is plenty for my son who enjoys his strolls and does not try to climb out. The two back wheels also lock in place.

Folding and unfolding the stroller is a speedy process requiring only the release of a lever by one hand. To fold, there is an easy to manipulate foot release on the cross-bar. Once this is sprung, you can continue to lift up with your foot then fold it down toward the wheels, locking together with a red, plastic lock. To un-fold, while having it stand upright, release the red, plastic lock and it pretty much unfolds itself. Lock the cross-bar into place with your foot and it is ready to roll.

The seat is vinyl around the edges with mesh on the back and a roll up panel that attaches with Velcro and folds into a pillow. My son could really take or leave the fact that it becomes a pillow. Usually he is sitting forward excited to see where our adventure will take us (normally the playground down the street). The panel is vinyl as well and slightly padded, which is supposed to act like insulation. This is where the All-Weather piece comes in. If it is cold and windy, un-roll the panel and baby's back is protected. When it is warm roll the panel up and the mesh allows baby's back to breath and not get all sweaty. Since the seat is vinyl cleaning is easy with a swift wipe down. It also dries fairly quickly if it gets left out in the rain.

A Jeep Wrangler that Can't go Mud Boggin'

Cement, blacktop, pavement, asphalt, concrete...

That's pretty much all the terrain you will get out of this little Jeep. The 5" double set wheels are hard plastic and are very similar to any other compact stroller. The Jeep does alright in grass and our gravel driveway... but don't even think about mud boggin' or a beach walk with this little stroller.

While on a solid surface, pushing our little Jeep is a breeze. I barely notice that I am pushing a 24 pound toddler. We have also had my 3 year old nephew in the stroller with no problems. But with the two separate handles, the stroller is not easy to steer with one hand. What I do notice though is my feet kicking the wheels as I walk. The placement of the handles (pretty close to vertical from the wheels) makes for a fairly short stride even for my short legs. We have to walk a little off center while pushing this stroller.

The Accessory Package

The extras consist of a sunshade, and saddle-bag style storage.

The sunshade is approximately 12 inches wide and attaches to the frame rotating to any position on top of, or in front of the seat. All of the similar Kolcraft strollers seem to have the same style sunshade. The shade can be placed in front of baby to block the sun or wind, but then he can't see anything. So basically this piece does not do much unless you are strolling at high noon. I believe it currently lives in our junk room.

And the storage... - Instead of making a storage basket underneath, Kolcraft made this stroller with a saddle-bag style of storage. There are two vinyl side bags on each side of baby's seat that hold smaller things like diapers, a wipe case, or a sippy cup. Notice I say OR. Not all these things would fit at once. My son likes these pockets because he can store his binkie and blanket in there while he goes out to play. As for mommy, I have to either take items out of the diaper bag to place in the pockets, or try to strap the bag onto the back, hoping the strap will be short enough to avoid the wheels. Coats also meet the same fate. Then, if for some reason baby gets out of the stroller, it is now back heavy and tips over.

So what is the bottom line?
First let me say I really do like our Jeep Wrangler All-Weather Stroller. It is light to carry and push, folds up nicely and fits my son comfortably. The stroller is readily available at Babies R Us and comes in several different colors, although colors outside of this one may need to be ordered online. The improvements I would suggest would be a greater walking stride and a place to put a diaper bag and/or coats. I don't believe it is worth the $50 price tag, but it is a fun stroller.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 49.99
Age Range of Child: 12 to 36 Months

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