The Worst Washing Machine I've Ever Had

Oct 3, 2006
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Pros:Gets clothes very dry probably because it doesn't get them wet to begin with.

Cons:Noisy, dangerous vibrations, moves across the floor, difficult to install. Does not clean clothes well.

The Bottom Line: Attractive but doesn't work. After trying it, I don't understand the obsession with front loaders. Loud and noisy spin cycle with frightening vibrations. Stick with your old top loader.

I'm stunned by all the favorable reviews that LG front load washers have received. I've owned this model now for almost two weeks, and I cannot wait until the day that Home Depot comes to haul it away.

The salesman told me he has this same model in his basement and that it's "whisper quiet." He said that he couldn't even tell that the machine was running, it was so quiet. Imagine my surprise when the one I bought went into its first spin cycle and made so much noise that my whole house shook. I ran downstairs and was alarmed to see the whole machine shaking and vibrating, even though it is installed on a concrete floor. The vibrations were so bad that I stopped using the machine after only washing 8 loads of clothes. I called LG and the person I spoke with there wasn't very helpful--he offered to mail me a wrench to adjust the machine feet and said that is part of "normal maintenance on the part of the consumer." If you read the installation instructions, this process is supposed to be performed WHILE THE MACHINE IS IN THE SPIN CYCLE. My machine vibrates up and down so badly that I wouldn't dream of trying to do that for fear of losing several fingers. Getting underneath a 300 pound machine that is about to go into orbit is not my idea of "normal maintenance."

I must also say that the clothes aren't noticeably any cleaner, despite all the raves from other consumers. I washed a lightweight full-size comforter (the advertising for the product claims that you can wash a king size comforter) and was horrified to find that the center of the comforter wasn't even wet at the end of the washing cycle. (I used the "Pause" feature, opened the door, and found almost the entire comforter dry to the touch with undissolved OxyClean in the center.) As far as I could see, the machine did nothing but sprinkle the edge of the bedding with a little warm water and detergent before it went into its deafening spin cycle.

I feel as if a class action lawsuit should be filed against the manufacturer of this machine. It is truly horrible. I'm already shopping for a new top loader to use as the phone calls and misinformation about how to make repairs to a brand new machine drag on. I want my $900 back and intend to hound Home Depot until they take the thing away.

I'd recommend not buying any appliances from Home Depot, and I certainly would never have any kind of LG appliance in my house again.

I've never complained about any appliance before. In fact in almost 30 years, I never had a single service call on my GE or Kenmore washers, and only one service visit on my Kenmore dryer.

As the guy at Home Depot told me, "Guess you got a lemon!" It might be funny if I hadn't paid $900 for it.

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