LG Tromm Front-Load Washer (WM2077C): What the Manual Won't Tell You

Jan 2, 2008
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Pros:uses WAY less water and detergent, saving money

Cons:instructions give wrong info on detergent and keeping your washer from smelling

The Bottom Line: The Bottom Line is getting a workout from the bending, lifting, and stuffing.

I have four children. And had a small washing machine. So small, in fact, that if one of the children got a stomach virus (and they invariably have), it would take me THREE LOADS just to wash my daughter's bedding for her full-sized bed. If more than one child got sick at a time, I was sunk. As such, I dreamed of a front-loading washer. One that could take a bigger load of laundry and help my horrifying water bill (do you have ANY idea how much laundry four children can generate?) I saved, and saved, and saved, and finally got the LG Tromm WM2077C Front-Loading Washer from Home Depot.

::: Features :::

The LG Tromm WM2077C Front-Loading Washer is a 3.22 cubic foot front-loading washer featuring a brushless DC motor that eliminates a pulley system for turning the drum, a tilted drum with larger door opening to make loading and unloading the washer easier, automatic wash load detection, which determines how heavy the load is and adds water/times washing accordingly, and a child lock, which prevents children from pressing buttons and/or opening the door during wash cycles.

The LG Tromm WM2077C Front-Loading Washer measures 27” wide by 29 3/4” deep by 38 11/16” high (50 13/16” deep with the door open). The door opens to the left and cannot be changed, and an accessory pack is required for purchase to install. At 190 lbs. (86 kg), it's heavy, and tough to drag up or down stairs on your own.

The LG Tromm WM2077C Front-Loading Washer features electronic controls with seven different wash settings, five temperature settings, five spin speeds, and five soil levels, as well as selectable pre-wash, rinse and spin, stain cycle, extra rinse, and quick cycle settings, allowing just about any type of customization you can think of. Controls are also available to delay the wash cycle or set up your own custom cycle if you use a certain combination of settings on a regular basis.

::: The Reality :::

I love my LG Tromm WM2077C Front-Loading Washer, but it hasn't been the carefree experience I dreamt it would be. There are a lot of things that the manual doesn't tell you.

For starters, don't believe them when they tell you that it's okay to use regular detergent. Use HE, only HE, and not even CLOSE to what the HE detergent bottles will tell you. For about the first six months we had the washer, whether we were using up what was supposed to be the last of the "regular" detergent we always buy in huge bulk containers or HE detergent, the washer would give us an "LE" error code. We called the help line, and from what I understand reading other reviews and forum posts online, we lucked out, because the person on the other end of the phone gave us the real story: LE means "too much detergent in there, kids!" We could unplug the washer, let it sit for a few minutes, plug it in, and then rinse the heck out of the clothes. Once we figured out that "enough" HE detergent meant "barely covering the bottom of the HUGE dispenser with a "Max" line that is 10x what the washer needs and/or requires, we've never seen it again.

Problem two is the smell that you often hear about from anyone who's ever owned a front-loading washer. If you are like me, and have a pet, you keep washer and dryer closed at all times to prevent the cat from going in them. The problem, however, with a front-loader, is that the seal is SO tight that no air ever gets in there. I do a LOT of laundry, and would try to squeak ONE MORE load in before bed, leaving it to finish while I slept and then toss it in the dryer overnight.

After about 8 or 9 months, the laundry, especially the towels, had a foul smell to them. Convinced it was the result of my husband over-stuffing the washer on every cycle, I took over all laundry duties myself, and STILL the smell got worse and worse, until you could smell it on all our clothes. I stopped doing laundry and took EVERYTHING to my parents' house, doing all my wash in their old top loader and cursing my thousand-dollar mistake.

I finally discovered a whole slew of messages posted on forums and other web sites complaining about the same problem in EVERY front-loader. I started by pulling out the filter and found a whole bunch of things in there that my kids must have had in pockets. Still, I had trouble, until I found a product online that specifically dealt with the smell. I don't care if they charged me $85 a pound for table salt; it worked, and now my wash smells clean and fresh. I've learned, however, to ALWAYS leave the washer open when it isn't actively being used, and to use FAR less detergent than I'd ever though possible. The clothes are still coming out clean, although probably not any cleaner than the old washer, but with four kids, being able to do more laundry faster is well worth it. The key thing is to never start that last load of laundry before bed. I move my last wet load to the dryer, and start again in the morning. Newer models than the LG Tromm WM2077C Front-Loading Washer actually have a setting to wash the tub, which may be worth looking into.

If I could do it all over again, I'd still buy my LG Tromm WM2077C Front-Loading Washer. I'm able to catch up on laundry much more quickly with the increased size, and my water bill has been thanking me ever since we figured out how to avoid the over-soaping issues. I would, however, buy at least pedestals, if not the drawers, because when you do as much laundry as I do, bending over to drag clothes out of the washer, putting them into a basket, then pushing the basket left toward the dryer, and loading the dryer means I usually have a back-ache after laundry. I'm still pleased with my purchase, but I think if I'd educated myself just a bit more, I'd be even more pleased.

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