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Feb 5, 2010
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Pros:sensitive, good company, good customer service, low cost, many buttons, feels good in hand

Cons:wears out over time without proper maintenace

The Bottom Line: Best Joystick For the Money, with proper maintenance will last forever! I Use this guide to keep it in tip top shape http://anythingispossibleyou.blogspot.com/ Enjoy your Logitech 3D Pro

Have been using these joysticks, Logitech extreme 3D pro for over 4 years now love them, the only thing is the calibration starts going after a lot of use I have found a fix!! http://anythingispossibleyou.blogspot.com/
i do this every 3 months or so and it keeps it running smooth been on same stick for over year now, really easy to use a nail file and file down any overlapping plastic at the seams of stick for much smoother feel in hand nothing compares to logitechs compatibility and quality, if you use the stick everyday like i do i'm sure you know how it does get outta calibration every so often don't give up and happy gaming out there! i hope logitech continues to produce this product, as i will continue to recommend to my friends and fellow gamers around the world, i think this the most used joystick out there. if you have any other questions about this product feel free to contact me and i am sure you will see the other many good reviews on this product as well.  I have plenty of buttons left over to bind with any Sim i have played.  be nice to the joy stick and keep it maintained and you will get many years out of it. enjoy your logitech Extreme 3D pro!

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