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Cheri Magazine-You've Got Porn!

Aug 26, 2009
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Pros:Hot Sex Scenes, Hot Women, Great Reviews of Movies

Cons:Ad Heavy

The Bottom Line: Cheri Magazines delivers hot sex action each month. This is eye candy central for pornographic material readers.

There are plenty of adult magazines to choose from, and each time I visit a certain bookstore, I'm almost taken aback by the variety and sheer number of these publications. While I try to avoid being near the dirty old men, who wear trenchcoats and vaseline loaded boots, I have to admit that I'm not ashamed of being a bit "dirty." We are sexual beings, and there's nothing better than some eye candy to look at, from time to time. With this in mind, I do hope to avoid being one of those old guys with a conductor style train hat. They really give me the creeps, as do older guys who play harmonicas in public. There are limits to everything, but thankfully Cheri Magazine delivers "the goods" each month with their provocative pictures.

That's right, pictures, as they don't really have articles and recipes like you'll find in the much more tame Playboy. This is a pure "porno extravaganza", and you can expect to be fascinated by eight or nine sections of debauchery in each issue. This is a monthly publication, and while the cover price of $11.99 is a tad bit high, it does offer some value for that dirty mind of yours. Sure, you can subscribe to them for a discounted rate, but I like being able to buy one occasionally to see what's new in the world of sex. Each issue is about one hundred pages of length, and gives you plenty of visual activity, to keep your mind occupied for a decent amount of time.

The one main selling point of Cheri, is that it really does deliver excellent reviews of adult movies. There are usually about six or seven movies featured, and they have a rating scale of zero to five lightning bolts. You get a few pictures of each movie, along with a small article about what to expect of the "plot", and some of the studs and starlets that are "acting" in each one. Some of them are quite humorous, as some of the descriptions have literally made my ribs break with laughter. There's also an insider section in each issue, that shows you developments in the industry, and future releases that might garner some well deserved attention.

Although the pictures are my favorite part, I'm always intrigued by the interviews with a porn star. Each month they have a different one, and these Q+A's are quite "revealing." I often joke that I wish I could be in this industry, because I'd never complain about long hours, and overtime would be a plus. Getting paid to do something you enjoy must be great, but sometimes the answers given have surprised me. A lot of them talk about it as a job, and while I don't think I could get tired of sex, perhaps after considerable set time it could become routine. There's some insights into the industry here, and also you learn how many of today's stars became who they are. There's a lot of Psychology behind this, and also the casting calls must be quite a hoot!

Ah, the pictures, and this is a place that Cheri delivers. You only get three or four sections in a lot of magazines, and each issue here you get eight or nine four to five page ones. There are plenty of lesbians, and in fact, this magazine might as well be the "Island of Lesbos." Just wanted to say thank you to the publisher for this one, as I'm especially appreciative of the "Greatest Tits Collection". That alone is too funny, but they usually have several lesbian scenes, with some very good looking women. While I would appreciate some more diversity, as there's a focus of a brunette and blonde in most pictorials, I have to say that their models are a lot better than the rest of the industry offers.

There are usually a couple of centerfolds, and often these are pornstars that are well known. They often have an "Up and Comer" as well, so you can see a hot chick that will be on the big screen in the near future. This is cool, as it gives Cheri a breath of fresh air, because a lot of magazines show the same stars over and over again. There are usually a couple of scenes involving two ladies and a guy, or just a guy and gal going to town. These are pretty hot, and although I'm hung like a toddler, I sometimes worry that I'll really have to wiggle the worm or trick F to get the job done. There's plenty of penetration pictures, along with loads of oral sex shots, that are quite steamy.

Do you like advertisements? If you do, you'll love Cheri Magazine. With their cover price, I find it a bit disturbing that they have so many of them. At least 1/4 of each issue is nothing but ads, and a lot of them are boring. Do I really want to see a picture of the "Destroyer 5000", on a whole page to make me feel even more grossly underdeveloped? Thankfully, a lot of the ads for sex phone lines and other online services are pretty hot, so it makes a fair amount of them quite bearable and entertaining. Yet with so many boring ads featuring worthless enhancement devices, it does take away a bit of the magazines luster.

Thankfully, this magazine does deliver in the pictorial sections and porn reviews. You can learn a lot about the industry, and see reviews that detail what you can expect, so for the most part I think this is one of the better adult publications. You can order this online, or through one of their subscription cards in each issue. Thankfully, I'm fine with getting it three or four times a year, as it does a fine job of conjuring up new ideas to try in the bed. It really is a great publication, and for a steamy level, I'll give it four out of five stars for its hardcore scenes that really do get both of your minds working at full capacity.

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